Friday, December 30, 2011



Luahan hatiku.
Serabut dan perlukan susun atur.

Thank you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Of Stage Fright.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

Rindunya kat blog. :-)
Just finished my CLT presentation. Phewwww.
Lega yang teramat.
It went well, but we (Safwan and I) missed a very important aspect . :-\  silly us.
But luckily, there's our saviour, Encik Michael yang berdedikasi yang tolong topup our missing point.
Please, don't deduct our marks yaa?

Oh yeah, concerning the title.
Stage fright.
Me, I have stage fright.
Or that's what I always think.
Everytime, before presentations or speech or anything, I'll have this hyperbole feeling of nervous and stressed.
Afraid that I wouldn't be able to deliver my points and explain it to my friends.
Had this kind of feelings for as long as I can remember.

My sahabat baik said this: 'Dah tiga tahun kami kenal hampa Nad, cakap saja nervous la apa la, tapi nanti kat depan cakap laju macam train'
(ayat diubah ikut bahasa aku) heeee.
See, maybe it is just my halucination or imagination.
Or exaggeration?
Have to improve my self-confidence in this aspect.
Phewwww. Or else I'll have sleepless night before my presentation.
Please, bear that in mind, yeah? :-)
But, seeing this positively, being nervous and all might trigger us to prepare thoroughly before the presentation.
We'll tend to study the subject, make short notes etc.
Well, everything has its positive and negative side.
It is up to us how to face this matter.

Thank you sahabat-sahabat sebab sudi dengar rungutan nervous saya di kala presentation menjelang.
Sayang lebih laa! :-D

P/s: my feelings after presentation - refer to the pic below.
Satisfied, relieved.
Just like fireworks.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Silly me.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

It's 02:25 am and I'm still wide awake.
Oh yeah, I planned to update this blog about my Liverpool trip but hey, I just planned, didn't know my FB and Twitter time just flew away.
And here I am, trying to do my obligations towards my beloved blog.
Can't write on Liverpool trip as I can't think properly right now. Haaaa!

So, what shall I write?
About Aidiladha?
Nothing much.
There'll be a small gathering among Malaysians on Sunday.
Prayers and preaches? *sesuai ke word ni?* :-)

Oh yeah, I got myself a new phone casing for my SII.
I bought it because it is very cheap.
99pence and free delivery.
Nice, aite?

I think, this will be it.
Another random and meaningless entry.
Till then.

Thanks people!

P/s: that's the casing. Colourful aite? I'll try buying an elegant one next time. :-)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not again!

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

Words and expressions have indeed failed me again.
Both this aspect failed me again today.
It's connected with feelings too.
Uh oh, this is just too complicated.
Initially, I considered myself innocent but seeing how things go, I, once again believe I'm guilty.
This isn't good people.
I don't understand how my brain works and how theirs work too.

Pressure increases and I feel more demotivated.
What shall I do?

Mode: Blur.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Of Reading Week.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

It's been a while since I last posted here.
This is due to my reading week homework. *Boo Nad! You didn't read as much as you watch the drama*
Sigh. A bit disappointed with myself since I promised myself that I'll try my best to finish all my readings (2 articles and 4 novels) before Friday. Obviously, it is just a dream. Fuhhhh. At least, I've finished my article readings, aite?
Uh oh, there are moreeeeee.
Presentation and assignments.
You're doomed Nad. DOOMEDDDDDDDDDDD!

But thanks to Allah for giving me strength to read one of my Gothic novel, Frankenstein.
I thought it'd be boring but it turned out to be just fine.
I love it.
Mary Shelley wrote well.
Done with Volume I.
And that's why I decided to stop and spend my time here.

Did I inform you that I feel more comfortable updating my blog via phone. That's why you didn't see colourful words. ;-)

What else should I type?
Oh, the weather here is not being nice to us.
Raining and cold.
Seducing us to make love with our duvet. Heeee.

All in all, I kinda enjoy my Reading Week.
It's been a good one.
Hopefully, it will be better next time.

P/s: Aldiko has many free books to be read online. Best best! I've got Frankenstein on my shelf and I reckon there will be more  books on my shelf in future. InsyaAllah.

P/s: Those are my handwriting during this rainy season. Macam cacing. :-D


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peverell's Housewarming Session.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.
Semua dah selesai dengan jayanya.
Officially, Peverell telah dihangatkan dengan kehadiran sahabat-sahabat dari Student Village, The Hoe, Teratak Datinz and The Mutleyiaannns. :-)
Thanks sebab sudi singgah ke teratak kami yang tak seberapa ni.
May Allah bless you always.

The event started early this week when we, the Peverellians discussed what to buy so on and so forth.
And the mission began.
Thanks to Mirah, Fariha, Rai and Ain sebab sudi pinjamkan Hoppa comel.
Very useful to bring 6 packets of rice, veggies and bawang and lain-lain lagi.
Thanks to Ada and Nik sebab datang awal dan buatkan pizza for the guests. Tak tidur malam la masing-masing dek teringatkan your super-delicious pizza.
Thank to Yah sebab tolong goreng-goreng. Terharu.
Thanks to Ummi and Aisyah for the banana cake and begedil yang extra sedapp.
Thanks to Aiman yang lead tadiii.
Hanya Allah saja yang mampu balas jasa kalian. *skema ayat*

Cooking session started Friday night lagi.
Sibuk blend cili, kupas and hiris bawang sampai menangis.
Goreng ikan bilis.
Buat kuah, adunan jemput-jemput and choc cornflakes.
And this morning, bertungkus-lumus masak nasi, rebus spaghetti, kemas laman belakang.
Credits to my beloved housemates; Hana, Jihah and Ayein. :-)

Sorry to all if aku terkasar bahasa or teroverreact.
Aku kan cepat gelabah.
Mungkin event ni mengajar aku untuk jadi lebih sabar?
Make sense ke?
Cuba cuba. :-)

Nevertheless, I'm extra happy to see familiar faces coming to our house and eating all the food. *terharu, tak sia-sia kami masak*

All of you are more than welcome to come to our house.

P/s: sorry, tuan rumah busy, tak boleh ambil gambar banyak-banyak and susunan gambar macam tak kena je. Sorry again.

P/s: thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Assalammualaikum and Hi people.

Hari ini topic ialah words.
I wanna talk on how words can affect you, be it positive or negative ones.

I love soothing words, who doesn't?
But what if the words could kill you softly? Inside and out?
What will you do?

I experienced both today.
Mostly the negative ones.
Heartbreaking peeps when you just lose your motivation and will to carry on with your activities when someone ruined it, just for you.
I learned that I need to cope with it ASAP because it could cause me trouble if I keep going on.
When this happened, I can't focus and will feel scared. Adoii. Payahhh.

The positive ones?
It can make me smile all day long.
And I'll store it in my mind forever. :-)

Can you see the differences?
When we talk about negative aspect, we would have so much to tell, but the positive ones? Ermm

I think, I need to prepare mentally for those negatiVe words.

P/s: entry merapu before going to bed. Tergantung!

Thanks people.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short one.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

I'm on my way back to Plymouth from London.
I went to Liverpool this weekend.
That one, I'll blog about it later.
But right now, I'm soooo bored that I decided to write a short entry.
About what?
Erm, my best friend yang sorang ni.
I mentioned about her numerous times in this blog and I never get bored of it.
Love her soo much.
*okayy, this sounds so wrong*
Siapa siapa?
Kalau betul, I belanja tap water exclusively from Peverell.
Haaaa, tentulah si Busuk Cici.
Actually, I went to Liverpool with her and my cousin.
Fuhhhh. A very short trip and a tiring one, I must say.
But, sebab ada good company, semua turned out to be good.
Okay, back to our main subject.
Cici, there's this one time in KMM tu, lagu Sempurna tengah hot kat radio, and both of us minat nak mati lagu tu, so everytime lagu tu on air, kami akan lari2 cari radio tuk dengar. So random la this statement.

And and I try to be in contact with her all the time.
As I tweeted, name all the communication items, we have it all.
*riak kejap*

And and she is always there and here for me.
All of my friends are, but since I'm talking bout her, puji-pujilah sikit mak cik ni.

Ci, thank you ye for being my sahabat baik.
InsyaAllah dunia akhirat.
Love you so stronggggg. :-)

P/s: latest pictures of Cici and please ignore my face. So weird. Hhahaa.


Saturday, October 15, 2011


Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

This is my 2nd year as a TESL student.
What shall I feel about it?
Cuak ke?
Suka ke?
Actually, I'm nervous about it. I can't see myself doing all the readings and works.
I'm not as hardworking as before.
I can't even finish reading my reading. Hah!
How can I be a First Class degree student if I have this kind of attitude?
Oh myyyy.
It's scary at times when people put too much hope on you.
What if you failed?
Can you face them and say I'm sorry?
I don't think I can do it.

Uh oh, semangat rajin, sila datang sekarannggg.
Saya nak jadi Nadiah Sahum when she was a primary school student.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

Pernah bercinta?
Pernah suka pada sesiapa?
Aku pernah.
Aku pernah suka pada somebody, lamaaaa.
Bertahun-tahun, tapi tak pernah bagitahu dia.
Aku berhenti suka dia lepas tahu dia ada mak we.
Aku rasa menyesal sebab suka dia bertahun-tahun.

Then, aku tersuka pada seorang lagi.
Dan yang ni sekejap saja.
Sebabnya, erm.
Payah nak kata.
But thank you sebab buat aku jadi begini.

Kemudian, sampailah turn orang ni pula.
Payah sungguh aii bila suka pada orang yang dah bergirlfriend ni.
Aku rasa laa.

Kesimpulannya, baik cari cinta Dia dulu.
Cinta manusia tak boleh pakai.
Erk, keterlaluan tak entri ni?

P/s: percaya ke dengan apa yang aku tulis ni?

P/s juga: gambar tiada kaitan dengan entri. Or is it entri tiada kaitan dengan gambar? Uh oh. Go figure out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Of time and Stonehenge.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!
Hana, Yah and I went to Stonehenge today.
There were lots to tell.
Di kala poket kosong, akal buat perangai.
Nearly pengsan sebab we were too careless, but Alhamdulillah, masih disayangiNya.
Selamat sampai rumah walau banyak halangan.
Basically, we went there to see big rocks in the middle of nowhere.
Some might say it is just a waste of time, but we strongly believe the satisfaction that we've obtained by just gazing at the rocks were priceless. @_@ HaHaHa. Okay, tak la melampau sangat sampai gitu, but seriously, kami memang puas hati!
Besides batu tu, ada je lagi yang best, the scenery itself-breathtaking.
Subhanallah, indah sungguh ciptaan Allah. Awatlaahhh kat Malaysia tak de meadows yang cantik gitu?
*sila bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, okay?*

Uh oh, this trip taught me to be ermm, punctual, jangan lengah-lengah, be alert with time.
Preparation awal sangat penting ye, supaya tak tergesa-gesa.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this trip very much!

P/s: pictures ada sikit je sebab gambar ni je ada di phone. :-)  yang lain, kalau rajin akan upload nanti.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not alone.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people.
I don't feel lonely.
I don't feel useless.
Everything seems to brighten up.
I love my life now.
And I really hope it stays just the way they are now.
Uh oh, I've been missing home but I can't find the right time to call home.
It's either I'm busy or they didn't pick up the phone. I might just wait later.
Oh yes, I'll be going for two trips this week.
Hopefully it will goes well, insyaAllah.

That's all.
Till then, cheers.

P/s: I've been trying to read these books for the past few days but to no avail. May Allah guides me to be more hardworking. Teeeheeee. ;-)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Assalammualaikum and Hi people.
I'm back.
Maybe because I feel lost.
I feel empty.
Uh oh.
I shouldn't feel this way.
Not right now.

Thank you.

This is the best.

diam sahaja.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

Terlebih sharing sangat ke saya ni?
Di laman sosial itu?
Makanya, maaflah!
Lepas ni, takkan bising-bising lagi.


Thank you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tidak sekuat itu.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!
Tonight I had a long conversation with my beloved housemates.
Hana, Jihah and Yein.
It all started with our house meeting. After we are done with the meeting, kami melepak sekejap.
Do girls stuff.
And then, keluar la luahan perasaan.
About what? Biarlah rahsia.
We talked about it. And after all the conversation, I realised, I might not be able to be like my friend who could handle her situation very well. If it was me, I'd cry day and night. Called my Mak or siblings. But she kept it all by herself. I was and still is very impressed with her. My friends said, Allah only test people who He is sure can handle the pain, so on and so forth. See, how Allah puts His trust on us? And they also mentioned that we'll never know how to handle certain situations until we experience it. Yeah, they were right. And I really hope, when the time comes for me to feel the 'burden' or responsibility, I could do it wholeheartedly. InsyaAllah.

And I pray that Allah make ease for everything that we will go through.
Ameen. :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Assalammualaikum and Hi people!
I'm back, probably.
Hopefully, it'll last longer this time. :)

I have mixed feelings lately, about almost everything.
Seems like I can't do anything properly.
Tak baca doa ke sebelum buat sesuatu?
Tidak logik itu.

And I always feel like isolating myself from others.
Because I can be harsh to people and I feel like doing so now.

Why o why? :(

Mula rindu.

Uh oh, mula rindu Mak saya.
I hope she is fine.
Huu, I rarely call her as sometimes I don't have any ideas/topics for conversation.
It's bad, I know.
My longest conversation with her on phone, I think not more than one hour.
Nevertheless Mak, you do know I love you, aite?

Second chance.

I thought I might give this blog a second chance.
I just can't pour my heart out here anymore.
Erm, my fault, maybe.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Cubaan untuk memblogkan diri ini.
Been busy.
Holidays and all.
Sebenarnya, alasan je semua tu. Heee
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


assalammualaikum and hi people!
berzaman tak update!
i'm busyyyyy! <- tipu saja!
the truth is, tiada mood nak update blog.

tiada apa nak tulis.
oh, i'm at HOME! :)
okay, itu saja.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


assalammualaikum and hi people!
i'm back.

*the only reason i'm writing this is because i can't crack my head in doing my assignments*
alhamdulillah, i am still breathing on His soil.
i am alive to witness and experience the sweet and bitter events occurring around me lately. 

i guess He chose me so that i'll become stronger?
maybe, insyaAllah!

so, what's new?
it's June peepssssss!
i'm counting days to go home.

to be with my family, to be away from all these.
*these include assignments!*

i'm currently stuck with my assignments (ELT and LL)
the due date jauhhhh lagi.
but me wanting to be the nice girl, wishes to starts my work early and not being a procrastinator, but unfortunately, my neuron system in brains x function this weekend! 
sorry dear, can't do it now.
maybe later ELT and LL! :D

oh yeah, i got myself something.
i think the most expensive one that i've ever purchased since i'm here and surprisingly, it isn't iphone.
bye bye iphone!

my new love. 
bought it with my sayang last two weeks. :)

yesterday, 25 of us went to Clarks Village to shop.
but silly me, i can't find anything there albeit there are more than 90 outlets there.
dushh Nad!
mana passion awak untuk bershopping?!

maybe because i spent hundreds even before going to Clarks Village.
*and this excludes my SAMSUNG*
but the experience was nice.
i could always bring my family and friends there if they ever come to visit me here.

currently, i'm addicted with my own twitter account.
sorry for those who's following me, spamming your timeline with my words and phrases.

just bear with me will you?

just as the title, this post is meaningless.
i don't feel meaningless because i believe every cloud has it's silver lining.
and i'm sure all of us could overcome our problems if we try.
percubaan tak kan menampakkan kebodohan kita. :)

ada orang kata:

pengalaman hidup adalah ujian paling susah bagi sesetengah kita
jadi, bersabarlah dalam pengalaman hidup ni

let others behave immaturely
but we have to stand up and behave maturely

thank you, will always remember that.
told ya, this entry is meaningless. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You Allah.

Thank you Allah for giving me the strength to finish my work.

Thank you Allah for giving me the will to type those words.
Thank you Allah for giving friends who've been helpful.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Yesterday, I was blinded by my anger and frustration, but my dear friend gave me this verse from the Quran: 

O you who believe! Seek help in patience and As-Salat (the prayer). Truly! Allah is with As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).

pilih jalan yang betul. jangan sesat! :)

and I was startled.
Pity me for being so foolish.
I should have seek His help during my bad times.

He is always available to help me.
next time, cari Dia dulu ya Nadiah?
Thank you sahabat.

I'm all smiles now!
Thank you again Allah!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

of melodramas.

assalammualaikum and hi people!
i dont actually have any topics to write about.

im on my way writing an essay for my elective course.

this is currently my face @_@

why do i have to write about melodramas?
why sirk?

why haynes?
seorang gay.
seorang lagi pelik.
and for the first time, i dont have any clue.

i dont have any points to write in my essay!
mati kamu Nadiah!

tensionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn laaaaa macam niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

bersabar bersabar Nadiah!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


assalammualaikum wbt and hi people!
dah berhabuk, dah bersawang dan hampir delete blog ini.

and how come, tiba-tiba saya datang menulis.
sebab saya mengantuk sekarang dan tidak mahu tidur.

okay, i've no topic to talk about.
i've come across something that i should 'campak jauh-jauh buang ke longkang belakang rumah.'
but but gatal tangan, klik klik.
dan tengok.
hati pecah lagi.
betapa fragilenya hati kamu Nadiah.
bukan kamu janji hendak duduk senyap-senyap, baik-baik.
ubah jadi muslimah yang baik.
kenapa buka semula history yang pedih dan bodoh itu?
tengok, sekarang dah moody.
and and rasa nak dengar lagu-lagu zaman dahulu.
dushhhh Nadiah!

lupakan lupakan.
kan ada Allah.
Dia boleh pujuk awak.
hanya Dia saja yang kekal.

oh, dan sewaktu saya sedih.
di twitter ada ini:

Sebaik-baik wanita adalah yang tidak memandang dan dipandang. 
(Saidatina Aisyah RA)
Retweet from QuranHadis.

saya mahu jadi wanita sedemikian.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

busy April!

assalammualaikum wbt!
alhamdulillah, after weeks, ada juga depan lappy!

just a very short update!
mahu berjalan-jalan spring break! :)

doakan perjalanan ini diberkati! 
daa people!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


assalammualaikum and hi people.
im going to write about the things that happened to me TODAY.
29th of March 2011. :)
it was my last day of SBE at westlands school.
there was not much to do except for distributing questionnaire and doing a presentation on my beloved country.
but, yesterday, i was shocked to heard that my SBE partner was admitted to hospital.
by the way, my partner is May.
she faced some problems and as it was getting worst, she was admitted to Derriford sepital.
and she told me during the full dress rehearsal for MFEST.
at first, i was very worried.

worried about her condition.
ye la kan, we are now away from our family.
jauh + sakit + sedih = not good laaa!

worried about doing the presentation.
as mentioned before, i have stage fright.

makanya, i spent the night before thinking about the presentation.
cesh =.='
and today, everything went well!
i managed to present in one class only.
they kids were so talkative and active.
they asked lots of questions.
and i enjoyed answering each and every one of them.

  • do you have snow over there?
  • can you show us your money?
  • why are you wearing that? (pointing at my tudung)
  • do you miss your home?

alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.
thank you Allah.
thank you to those who motivates me yesterday! ;)

as May was not well, some of us planned to give her a visit after we finished our SBE.
after praying and changing clothes, off we went to Derriford sepital.
rombongan berjalan kaki to visit May.
there were seven of us.
once we arrived there, adalah berlangsung aktiviti-aktiviti comel.
and after that, we asked the lady at the reception for May's ward.
the hospital looked small, but dalamnya, besar + panjang! :)
she was in Tavy Ward.
her section, G5 was situated at the left end of the ward.
there were 5 beds and she was the only young lady over there.
the others semuanya nenek-nenek belaka.
so, we chatted with May and asked about her condition.
she is getting better.
hopefully, eloklah nanti.
and the nurse said she could be discharge today!
happy tak? :)
when May was busy packing, some of us were 'distracted' by one of the nenek's voice.
she kinda whined: 'it hurts, hurt'
we turned around and saw the old lady.
being extremely friendly, 4 of us went and have a chat with the old lady.
her name is Eidie (that was written on her sheets of examining paper)
she mumbled and mumbled.
i don't really understand her, but Aisyah, gave her fullest attention Eidie.
she talked about a mysterious man named Peter, whom we don't know. (she did not tell us who he was)
Eidie said, she misses him. :'(
and she wont see him again.
Aisyah terus saja melayan nenek itu.
Nik talked to the other nenek beside Eidie. 
her name is Kathleen, she was the only one who could speak clearly.
she has grandsons in Oman, Nik talked to her most of the time.
Ayein and i moved to another nenek as we could her looking at us with the-i-want-somebody-to-talk-to-me-too look.
how could we ever ignore that look?
berborak-borak and she wished us good luck.
she said to Ayein and i:
'if i never have the chance to meet you again, i wish you all the best!'
dengar dia cakap macam tu, i felt touched sudah.
sangat sweet kot, to get it from the people that we met for the first time, and we know that they will never see us again. 
their looks were sincere.
each and every one of them.
and as we said goodbye to them, i felt relieved, because today, we cheered them up at times they were having difficulty to walk, to talk or even to move.
Thank you Allah for giving us the opportunity to experience this precious moments.
one of the neneks tulis kat nik's palm. comel kan?

tengok, entry ini jadi emo!
so, sementara kita semua sihat-sihat ini, be good to others.
you'll never know, you can brighten up one's life with your smile.
and your smile can make others smile too.
and give them hope. :)

until then people!
daaaa~ :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

pengalaman indah 2.

assalammualaikum and hi people!
this evening i would like to continue my 'pengalaman indah' series. :)
it happened last winter which happened to be my first winter here.
i spent my winter holidays in Manchester for FUiYO.
bet you guys still remember the entry.
this entry isn't the continuation or anything.
this is a totally different story.
it's about my first meeting with Nurul Syuhadah Hasnan, here, in the UK.
i never thought i would be able to meet her as she attended a different programme.
PMS, Ummi my dear friend went there too and i did kirim something to be given to budak kecik tu! 
mana tahu kan, Allah pertemukan kami di bumi Manchester.

as usual, we know each other's whereabouts.
almost everyday message. :)
and when she ask me whether im still in Manchester, pelik la kan.
turned out to be yang her gang also want to stop by Manchester before they headed to other places.
yang tak syoknya, on the day she arrived, was the day i departed from Manchester.
i was really hoping she would arrive early so we could meet.
and she did messaged me when they departed from Sheffield, if i was not mistaken. 
and i excitedly, waiting for her arrival message.
and oh ye, for your info, i was having flu and a lil bit of fever during that time. 

when she said she arrived, oh mak aiii~
excitednya aku! haha!!! ;)
but they all nak gerak ke Old Trafford pagi tu, and my gang planned to lepak around the book-stores.
makanya, i decided that we should at least meet for 5 minutes before she goes to Old Trafford kan~
terhegeh-hegeh laa aku ajak Pia, Hana and Wawa keluar untuk lepak ke kedai buku.
and of course, my dearies knew that i was going to meet Nurul Syuhadah. :)
kiteorang message je all the way nak jumpa tu, bajet nak cakap la jumpa kat mana etc etc.
rupa-rupanya, rumah yang Nurul Syuhadah stayed to near to MoonLight (betul ke eja ni?)
pusing ke kiri, tadaaaaaaaaaa!!!

i saw her.
i saw cici.
i saw Nurul Syuhadah.
okay and all of a sudden....
lari-lari, pergi peluk dia.
i crieddddddddddd~~
air mata bercucuran~
terharu jumpa dia kat sini, bumi UK.
yeah, we've always talked on how we're going to meet when we are here.(zaman IPKB and INTEC)
Alhamdulillah, jumpa jugaaa~
payah tau nak jumpakan?
so sebab itulah, saya menangis.
and she cried too (most probably, sebab i cried) 
sorry ci!
and guess what!
the drama happened kat tepi tong sampah! @_@
pathetic laaaaa~
and then, snapped pictures. 
nantikan gambar hidung mata merah! ;)

as she was rushing to go to Old Trafford with her gang, we only managed to lepak at one book store.
sekejap jaa rasa.
tak syok woooo~
but redha la.
i walked her home and met her friends.
and before she departed, i hugged her again.
felt proud that both of us managed to be here at last. :)

cici aka Nurul Syuhadah. :)



tu tong sampah bersejarah tu. @_@
so yeah.
this was and still is my pengalaman indah.
meeting my bestest friend.
no words could actually describe the feeling maaa~
faham-faham saja la~ 

pesanan buat semua sahabat-sahabat:

‘Teman yang paling baik adalah apabila kamu melihat wajahnya, kamu teringat akan Allah, mendengar kata-katanya menambahkan ilmu agama, melihat gerak-gerinya teringat mati..’
insyaAllah ya? :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

dikir barat.

assalammualaikum and hi people!
tonight im going to write about my current activity.
dikir barat!
as ive mentioned before, for Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011, ill be performing dikir barat with my sweethearts.
we've started practising ermmm, i can't even remember when.
but the practise make my schedule pack! :)
sunday to thursday.
8.00pm until 11.00pm.

and bear in mind, our journey is not as sweet as sugar and not as easy as ABC.
zaman dahulu kala, there were only a few people seemed interested with dikir barat.
and we almost lose hope as we thought there would be no vocalist, no instrument people.
tak kan la nak awok-awok jaa menyanyi macam orang gila kan?
luckily, there were 'angels' who were willing to join the team! :)
we managed to find our singers and instrument people. :)
sangat happy okay?
and thus, our practise started!
i was excited to learn all the steps and to sing along.

as time goes by, we improved so much and i sometimes feels kinda bored going to practise.
i bet, im not the only one right? :p
but, going to dikir barat could make me happy.
there were times when i felt down and lost.
with the burdens on my shoulder, responsibilities and not to forget : ASSIGNMENT~
but once i sat on my place and started clapping my hand and following the rhythm, all of my problems fade away for a while.
and my sweethearts help me too with their jokes and stories.
not to say, dikir barat penghilang masalah yang hebat, but practising with them gives me more spirit? :)
and yeah, i love dikir so very much! 
dont know how will i spend my time after MFEST nanti? 

i will surely miss my sweethearts' actions and behaviours.
lari sana lari sini.
menari-nari during break.
terjah refreshment macam tak pernah jumpa makanan.
ajuk usop hantu kak limah~ :)
tengok video youtube yang pelik-pelik.
tunggu judge bagi bintang and komen. 

gamba tak lengkap. ada yang not in the pic.
my sweethearts.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


assalammualaikum and hi people!
today i want to talk about manusia.

specifically, their behaviours.
i've been hiding my feelings for quite some times now. 
i just feel mistreated by some people.
why must they do this to me?
i've tried my best to develop new skills, being the person they want to be.
but still, nada. nil. 

bukan semua orang baik di dunia ni.
ada yang bertopengkan wajah 'innocent'.
ada yang bertopengkan 'kata-kata yang manis'.
come on people.
just show your true colours.
people will at least respect you.

sebahagian luahan hati saya.
Ya Allah, tolong jaga hatiku ini.
saya tak mahu jadi budak jahat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011.

assalammualaikum and hai people!
as i've mentioned earlier, i'll be writing about the events that i'll be handling/attending.

and i choose to write the one happening soon.

it's MARJON Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011!
it will be held on the 31st of March.
and the event starts at 1o am until 2 pm.

what do we have to offer during this event?
Malaysians MARJON will :

- set up booth that will take you on a journey to Malaysia. They will tell you stories and legends. There will also be booth on henna painting if i wasn't mistaken :)
- have cooking demonstartion (i think). so, there'll be lots of Malaysian food during that day. and bear in mind that Malaysians MARJON are good cooks! it's finger licking good man! 
- have a showcase of Malaysian Traditional Games, it sure sounds interesting~ you can try out the games once they explained and demonstrate them to you. 
- perform amazing dances ranges from Malay to Borneo dance. There'll be dikir barat too *wink*wink* i'm in it~ ;) tu yang higlight gak tu~

there are lots more, but i can't remember them.
my bad, sorry~

we intend to promote Malaysia during this event to the locals of Plymouth.

we would like them to get a glimpse of Malaysian life.
those activities are interesting aite?

but no pain, no gain people!
we work hard to make this event a successful one.

hopefully, it will go on smoothly on the day! :)

by the way,
i'm in the Promotion Division!
promote merata-rata!!

may I have the strength and sincerity to do all the works given (not on this event saja, on other events too)

one event done! (more to come)
can't wait for 312st of march 2011~

till then.

p/s: i'm in the middle of doing assignment!
bad Nad!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


just a short one!
there will be a few updates on the events that i'll be attending and handling!
can't wait to share it with you guys!
but for now, 
i want to go to sleep!
tomorrow would be my first day at Westlands School, Torquay for SBE.
new environment! 
new people!
hopefully Allah helps me throughout the journey

daa people~

Monday, March 14, 2011


assalammualaikum people!
i promised for updates, but failed to do so!
not because i'm lazy or whatsoever.
it's because of my internet connection prob!
bersabarlah wahai hati.
for four days, i suffered.
not because i access my facebook or twitter account.
at this time around, i have to face with a few important works!
merempat ke laptop kawan and pinjam!

and today, after my elective class, i went to the ICT room and asked for help~
i stayed there for 2 hours!
memang bestlah!

but Alhamdulillah!
semuanya selesai.

harap-harap tak ada masalah lagi la~ 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

setelah sebulan

dan sehari, saya update blog again.


mula-mula ingatkan nak delete je blog ni.

1. saya rasa tiada motif untuk menulis.
2. malas?
3. kekangan masa.

so, untuk merungkaikannya, ayuh kita teliti satu-satu masalah saya ni.

1. saya rasa tiada motif untuk menulis.
yes, sesungguhnya, i am very blur on the topics that i should write.
my life? macam tak best jer.
lately, i think i must write something beneficial, makanya, kalau tak de topik, tak leh tulis. 
logik tak? 
in the end, setelah fikir banyak-banyak, tak tertulis jugak.

2. malas.
ini penyakit sejak azali.
Ya Allah, jauh-jauhkan la penyakit ini dari saya.
tak suka dia la.
bukanlah selalu malas, but sekali datang, mesti je berlanjutan, sampai berdraft-draft blogpost.
akhirnya, delete saja!
*luckily tak famous cam orang lain, kalau tak jenuh kena rajin sepanjang masa update blog*

3. kekangan masa.
oh ya! lupa nak inform *macam mana nak inform kalau tak update?*
i'm involved in dikir barat for MARJON Malaysian Festival 2011.
tu macam busy sikit.
we have practise almost every night. 
from 8-11 pm.
and if tak de practise pun, i'm busy doing all the homework.
plus watching youtube? dramacrazy?
Subhanallah Nadiah!
tak berfaedah laaa kerja kamu!

*sila jangan ikut*
besides, ada juga berjalan-jalan menikmati pemandangan ciptaan Allah sambil menuntut ilmu.
(sungguh cetek ilmuku berbanding orang lain)
tak pe Nadiah, usaha lagi! :)


all of the above ialah reasons semata-mata.
i should not have any excuses kan?
because i have very good stuff to be written, but i couldn't find the right time and words to convey it.
and me being a procrastinator tegar!
memang laa hampeh! kan?
*alasan lagi*

but insyaAllah, i'll start writing again.
thanks adek sebab ingatkan akak! 

and below is the sneak peek of the things i had done/attend for the past few weeks!
busy girl maaa~ 

cadbury world.

jalan-jalan plymouth AGAIN!


my sayang's birhday!
enough for tonight!
i'll try my best to find time again~

to WRITE!!!
anggap ni homework REFLECTIVE LOG.