Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short one.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

I'm on my way back to Plymouth from London.
I went to Liverpool this weekend.
That one, I'll blog about it later.
But right now, I'm soooo bored that I decided to write a short entry.
About what?
Erm, my best friend yang sorang ni.
I mentioned about her numerous times in this blog and I never get bored of it.
Love her soo much.
*okayy, this sounds so wrong*
Siapa siapa?
Kalau betul, I belanja tap water exclusively from Peverell.
Haaaa, tentulah si Busuk Cici.
Actually, I went to Liverpool with her and my cousin.
Fuhhhh. A very short trip and a tiring one, I must say.
But, sebab ada good company, semua turned out to be good.
Okay, back to our main subject.
Cici, there's this one time in KMM tu, lagu Sempurna tengah hot kat radio, and both of us minat nak mati lagu tu, so everytime lagu tu on air, kami akan lari2 cari radio tuk dengar. So random la this statement.

And and I try to be in contact with her all the time.
As I tweeted, name all the communication items, we have it all.
*riak kejap*

And and she is always there and here for me.
All of my friends are, but since I'm talking bout her, puji-pujilah sikit mak cik ni.

Ci, thank you ye for being my sahabat baik.
InsyaAllah dunia akhirat.
Love you so stronggggg. :-)

P/s: latest pictures of Cici and please ignore my face. So weird. Hhahaa.



Mra Mastura said...

hai kawan nad! cici ! XD

nadiahs said...

Hai kawan Nad, Miera yang comel! ;-)