Monday, January 31, 2011


hey ya people.
i've been away for quite some times.
i don't know.

ada satu lubang besar dalam hati saya.
i know hati saya sakit.
saya nak sembuhkan dia.
tapi saya degil.
ya, i admit that i am not that strong-willed like others.
benarlah, yang hidayah itu bagai menyapa-nyapa bahu kita bagaikan angin lalu.
i am trying hard.

but there are problems.

google images.

Monday, January 24, 2011

do you want to know something?

i am very nervous about the upcoming test.

another 1 hour plus before the test starts!
all the best to you and me.

jangan cuak-cuak berlebihan!
nanti binasa test! ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

my sayangs.

assalammualaikum people!
hey yaaaaaaaa!

apa khabar?
i'm currently revising my Language Awareness notes.
the First Years will be having a test tomorrow.
ketaq lutut laa wei!
apa-apa pun, i feel like writing.
konon-kononnya mahu melepas tensi.
just a short update about my sayangs.
my nephews and nieces.

the only picture i have yang ada the four of them. :)

  • rizq : he is his second year of kindergarten. previously, he went to q dees. now, alhamdulillah! ke genius aulad. hopefully, he'll gain more knowledge. belajar rajin-rajin ye sayang?
  • wafriy: erm, this lil guy will be entering his play-school after chinese new year holidays. same place with his brother, genius aulad. senyum lebar mak busu dengar. jumpa ramai buddies ek adik? *he insisted people calling him adik albeit he has a younger sis now*
  • thara: si mulut becok yang comel! she's getting cleverer each and every day i skype with her. she's learning some words. beg, jatuh, sepit, duck. but still, she calls me aya aya ayaaaaaa! adorable kid she is.
  • zahra: arrhhh! i missed seeing her growing up~ dah pandai terbalikkan diri sendiri. and my bro-in-law said she is one clever baby. alhamdulillah! and her face really resembles her brothers. mesti dah besar nanti cantikkan? your brothers kacak-kacak.
don't grow up too fast.
wait for mak busu ye?

okay, entri ini memang cam gediks.
tak pe, saya ingat kesayangan saya.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


assalammualaikum people!
hey yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
ada juga entri for tonight.
just a simple one i guess.
it's regarding my 'rinduness' to everything back at home; Malaysia.

saya rindu mak saya.
saya rindu nak kena marah dengan semua orang.
saya rindu duduk kat buaian dengan sepupu-sepupu saya.
saya rindu TV rumah saya.
saya rindu story books kat umah abg mat.
saya rindu nak cuci kereta mereka.
saya rindu nak tolong mak lipat baju.
saya rindu nak tumbuk sambal belacan.
saya rindu buatkan susu untuk budak-budak kecik tu.
saya rindu nak bergosip dengan pak cik mak cik saudara saya.
saya rindu bantal busuk saya.
saya rindu sandals saya. (apakah?!)
saya rindu bergaduh dengan kak imah.
saya rindu main-main dengan anak-anak buah saya.
saya rindu nak hangout dengan kawan baik saya.
saya rindu nak merengek-rengek tak mahu pulang ke KB.
saya rindu nak share stories once i got to AD5.
saya rindu nak unpack my stuff letak balik kat almari berhabuk tu.
saya rindu berjemaah setiap isnin di surau asrama.
saya rindu gaduh-gaduh dengan classmates.
saya rindu kena marah dengan lecturers.
saya rindu nak jalan kaki ke PT.
saya rindu nak hafal lines untuk teater.
saya rindu nak dengar nasihat yang berguna.
saya rindu nak jual roti.
saya rindu kawan-kawan maktab.
saya rindu nak naik kereta pak cik pebet.
saya rindu cuci baju kat maktab.
saya rindu nak belajar literature.
saya rindu nak tidur dalam kelas.

ini adalah secebis rasa rinduku terhadap apa yang ku tinggalkan di Malaysia.

bersabar wahai hati.
kau akan kembali.

my dearest friend tulis kat status facebook dia:

::rindu itu adalah..anugerah dari Allah..insan yang berhati nurani..punyai rasa rindu ::

(rindu by Hijjaz)


saya berharap saya termasuk dalam golongan yang berhati nurani itu.

'till then!


assalammualaikum people!
today mahu menulis juga!
pasal apa?

what numbers?
alaaa, benda alah yang people used to play in FB tu.

you give one number to your friends, then they will describe you through their status.
and the best things is; only you and that person knows the number.
since i'm not playing it secara besar-besaran and only gave my numbers to a few people, so i got back 3 numbers. :)
and malas nak buat status.
here goes!

one cute girl who is quite clumsy and blur
i always make fun of her pronunciation. (macam laa kau sebut betul sangat Nad!)
she is HOT! and sweet and kind and loves to help people.
i think she once hated me for one particular reason, but that was then.
i'm not that close with this girl till one incidence that changed our opinion on friendship.
she showed me that i need to share my love with others and not being possessive. 
i'm still trying dear. and since that day, we became best friends. 
oppsss. we have one term for our relationship.
she is my full time other half. :)
now, i can tell all my secrets with her.
i love hanging out with her, and the most important thing is, i love her.

crazy! outrageous! hot! cute!
okay, i planned to describe her with one word, but i ended up with four.
one amazing girl but still, very sensitive one.
she isn't my best friend, she's more than that.
at first, i was quite blur with this girl's attitude.
kejap okay, kejap confusing.
sometimes, i get angry with her atas sebab tak logik.
we shared so many things in the past two years.
some of my darkest secrets are with her.
some of hers too. (i guess)
dia sangaaaaaaaaatttt baikkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
we did crazy things, she helped me a lot if i'm sad.
she's one good advisor tooooooo!
marjon! marjon!!! *sambil pegang bahu masing-masing*
i missed her!

this girl is pretty, with lots of admirers.
waktu zaman tok kaduk,
i was like: 'apa kena dengan budak ni?' as she talked in a way that i don't really prefer.
but as time goes by, i get used to it and tak kisah pun as she was once a debator, pemidato sekolah.
she has her own style in expressing herself.
one thing for sure is, she is one of the people that i can't wait to see if there were any presentations.
ada style gitu.
i'm not so close with her until recently.
sekarang lebih boleh get along lebih baik! 
one of my closest buddy now!
she is matured for her age compared to me. (malu saya laaahhh)
and i'm proud to be her friend.
sayang awak!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

pengalaman indah 1.

assalammualaikum people!
hey yaaaaaaa!

at last, i have the spirit to write again! 
:) alhamdulillah! thanks to Him for guiding me.
nak tulis blog pun malas, apatah lagi assignment.
tak gitu Nad?

kenapa pengalaman indah tajuknya?
because i miss home very much.
so i want to scribble down the memories that i had in maktab, house, with friends and foes. 
and why '1'?
because this is the first one lah!
there'll be others too.
insyaAllah, hopefully, i'll have the will and ilham to write it down.

and which memory would be the lucky one?
there are zillionsssssssssss that i'll remember, but this particular one, i chose as i just reminiscing it with my dear hana.

language games during tesl camp 2009!

there were lots of activities during tesl camp.
and each IPG was asked to organize/handle an activities.
my maktab was selected to organize the language games, in collaboration with I4P. (until now, tak sure camna nak eja name IPG mereka. sorry!)

thus, our journey started!
we did the contacting via phone with I4P's representative.
aduh makkk aiii!
obviously, we had different opinion in handling this stuff.
when we suggested A, they wanted B.
at one point, ummi and i (since we were the in charge) sangat la bengang.
but alhamdulillah, all went well.
we discussed thoroughly, exchanged information on this and that.
trying to set up the place by imagining it. HAHA.
the marjonians even had the trial and error session.
and our seniors; cohort 5 students helped us with that.
thank you dear seniors!
basically, we had it all in our hands.
the materials, the instruction, the movements, the people in charge for each activities.
semua dah ready.
but, Allah is the Almighty!
kalau He wants it to happen, walau bagaimana preparednya kita, something will happen juga akhirnya!

the same case happened with our language games.  
the game was scheduled in the evening, around 4.00 pm.
earlier that morning, all of us went to the respective schools to feel the school's environment in Kedah.
we did some activities with them and we had fun.

depan sekolah.


makan saja!

my sayangs.

after that, dalam bas, adalah a few kejadian berlaku.
and it turned out to be yang our bus had some problems with the air-cond/engine.
we were supposed to go for the pekan rabu sight-seeing.
at that time, memanglah gelabah!
will we ever made it?
eventually, our bus sampai balik at our camp, but ummi and i skipped the tour as we volunteered to stay, in case, there were things to be done with the venue, etc before the activities started.
jadinya, ummi and i slept waktu tengahari tu.
hampeh. =.='
around 3.30pm/4.00pm, we were ready at the venue for our language games activities.
dah check dah all the things, semuanya okay.
the other students pun dah sampai and they started to gather for the language games activities.
I4P's team was ready too.

masalahnya, mana marjon IPKB?
they were not here!

then, we received a phone call saying that our bus rosak di tengah-tengah pekan!
and pak cik driver was finding workshop to fix it.
Ya Allah, berdegup laju jantungku.
rasa nak tercabut saja.
our fellow friends were waiting.
I4P's team was waiting too.

at last, ummi and i decided that the language games should start without the IPKB's station.
i was disappointed, frustrated, kecewa, depressed!
why la happen to us?
and in in front of hundreds of people and lecturers??
and there were only ummi and i (IPKB people).
we tried calling them hundreds of time! (hyperbole jer)
they said, 'we're on our way'
and the game already started!

then, we saw them.
we saw our fellow marjonians!
getting off from the bus, taking out the materials for the games.
and they rushed to the venue which was actually situated at the top of the hill. =.='
tangganya banyak!
and i saw with my own eyes, they ran.
they ran with their heels on/off.
they looked tired, but they ran.
and i cried.
saya menangis.
saya sedih and kesian tengok sahabat-sahabat saya berlari bersungguh-sungguh to reach the place.
and as soon as they arrived, dengan termengah-mengahnya, they set up their stations, and continue with the games.
SEDIH okay?
mereka sungguh bersemangat!!!

and alhamdulillah!
the games went well.

in fact, they did a wonderful, great (korang letak semua adjective yang best-best) job!
although they were tired, sweating, panas, badan melekit-lekit, mereka buat juga!
i was and still is very proud of them.

apalah function kami berdua di situ without the other 25 marjonians?
we're one when we're together.
together we work to achieve great things in our life.
(okay melalut dah)

satu luahan perasaan berjaya!

jadi, inilah dia entri for tonight!

cantik-cantik dan kacak-kacak.

p/s: waktu language games, no pics! mana nak tangkap gambar, semuanya kelam-kabut!
thanks for the sweet memories guys!
credits to mages for these pics.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

nak tulis apa?

jauhnya jarak from one entry to another.
my friends almost everyday menulis.
bila skill mahu ada?
this was the draft for entah bila ntah!
loser la nadiah!
i'll write again tonight!


Friday, January 7, 2011

cerita FUiYO 2010.

hey ya!

sekarang i'm in full spirit to tell stories about my journey to FUiYO!
thank you sayang-sayang sebab bagi semangat balik.

apa itu FUiYO?

Fun With iluvIslam's Youth Overseas

seperti yang semua sedia maklum, time winter break, haruslah ada program yang menarik.
there were a few more such as PMS, JUMS, and PUISI.
but i chose to go to FUiYO.
kenapa ya?
kenapa saya pergi FUiYO?
ini semua kerana galakan senior-senior dan kawan-kawan.

and alhamdulillah.
i was one of the earliest to register. (yakin saja)
aiman tag saja gambar FUiYO, terus laju-laju register.
after a few weeks register, barulah promotion JUMS, PUISI and PMS sampai.
sorry encik-encik program.
i made my choice. :)

firstly, i was quite worried as i was not certain about my 'niat' going there.
adakah sebab nak jalan-jalan atau apa?
jumpa kawan ke??!
but, ada senior yang baik hati and comel kata, kita menikmati keindahan ciptaan Allah sambil tu, enjoy la program semua.
after that, i tried hard laa untuk betulkan niat.
at times, rasa sangat malas nak pergi, tapi gagahkan juga.

and we departed days earlier as we stopped by and melawat sisters and brothers di portsmouth.
opss, lupa pua nak bagitahu, we were joined by sisters from canterbury!
seronok gila! bertambah kawan-kawan.

and that night juga, terjadinya perpisahan antara kami, sisters plymouth dengan akak senior cohort 5.
ish, i did not shed any tears that night
bajet gagah la konon-kononnya.
tapi sangat sedih bila akak-akak sayang nak balik Malaysia. 

our journey to portsmouth wasn't that easy.
ada brother yang terambil train salah.
aish, at that time, saya fikir, 'if that happened to me, macam mana?'
confirm menangis non stop.
but brother yang tersalah naik train itu, cool saja! :)


we arrived kat portsmouth malam.
sangat malam!
segan wooo bila sampai rumah vida.
but dia sangat sweet.
sangat baik.
layan kami elok-elok sahaja.
what were our activities there?
jalan-jalan ke gunwharf!
seronok tengok kedai-kedai!

plymouth + canterbury + portsmouth.

tempat shooping yang can make your wallet empty wei!
gila tak?
apa lagi ek buat kat portsmouth?
oh yeeeeeeeeeeee~
berjalan dengan beg yang berat gilaaaaaaa!
but it was fun cause i was with my dearest ones.

then, next destinationnya ke manchester.
we stayed at kak q's house.
okay! staying at manchester sangat best kot!
orang-orang manchester sangat baik!

and and di rusholme is the heaven for halal food.
boleh dapat halal food dalam sekelip mata sahaja!
aish, bila nak sampai FUiYO ni?

after a day kot di manchester, off we went to waddow hall for FUiYO.
seronok memang seronok because we would definitely gain knowledge and met new friends.
ada problem waktu nak ke waddow hall, the access there was quite difficult due to the weather.
pak cik bas tu cam marah gila, but he still helped us to get to our destination.
thank you ye pak cik.
when we arrived there, ya Allah, cantiknya tempat itu, but it was smelly.
i can't smell sebab agak berhingus hidung waktu itu.
bak kata sisters, bau nature. :)
accommodation nya mantap.
i got STABLES! along with hana and auni and sisters lain yang tak kenal lagi.
like apakah?
kena stay di kandang kuda kah?
the style is like stables, but it was nice except that it was VERYYYYYYYYY cold.
winterlah katakan!
and oh yeah, the snow kat manchester, tebalnyaaaaaaaa!

alright people!
FUiYO time!
the theme was METAMORPHOSIS.
macam butterfly tuuuuuuuuu.

the cycle of being butterfly which started with telur? then caterpillars, kepompong comel and at last they managed to spread their wings.

click here kalau nak jengah website FUiYO.
it was basically about the process of finding your potential.
potential apa?
apa-apa sahaja yang dapat membantu diri kita sendiri dan orang sekeliling.
there were 6 talks by 4 great scholars. (scholars ker? penceramah kot)
and 8 LDKs with the help of great facilitators.

sejujur-jujurnya, banyak ilmu yang saya dapat sepanjang program ini.
bohonglah kalau saya katakan stiada sekelumit pun rasa bosan sepanjang program.
tapi, almost all the time, i actually get myself to focus and listen to the penceramahs.

semuanya tentang FLY.

  • are you ready to fly?
  • it's time to fly.
  • now we can fly.
  • butterfly effect.

haa amek kau!
memang rasa nak terbang sungguh-sungguh.

LDK pula memang mantap.
we savour the picturesque view of waddow hall, we learnt about ourselves and our friends.
we tried to be a consultant, we fought, we fall and we stand up again~
memang unforgettable memories.

kumpulan 2. :)

but, ada yang sedihnya, my dearest sayang hana, fell sick during her second day.
so she didn't manage to join most of the activities.
tapi kami, kawan-kawan ada untuk share. ;)

and oh ye, tujuan saya pergi FUiYO juga ialah untuk cari my hidden potential la kan.
and kebetulan, few days before itu, akak sayang ada bagitahu kami tentang hadis logam.

“Manusia seperti logam, terpilihnya mereka semasa jahiliyyah terpilih juga mereka semasa Islam, sekiranya mereka faham”.

akak sayang cakap, semua orang ada kelebihan masing-masing.
so, it's our duty to find it and bring goodness kepada human being.
aiceh, jadi saya pun berkobar-kobar nak cari. 
and FUiYO's theme memang fits me.
masalahnya, saya raasa saya ada masalah keyakinan diri kot.
i couldn't find any potential in me.
sampai satu tahap, kawan saya kata:
'it takes time Nad!'
then i realised, semuanya kena mula sikit-sikit.
maybe benda yang bagi kita tak berguna, rupa-rupanya sangat membantu orang lain.
or maybe apa yang kita rasa biasa, itulah hidden potential kita.
jadi ayuh Nadiah, cari hidden potential kamu!
jangan jatuh.
kena istiqamah.
kamu semua bantu saya ya?
semoga saya boleh contribute something dalam mana-mana bidang.

okay stop dulu!
ada banyak lagi stories to tell.
tapi tak mahu la semua compact dalam satu entri.
pengsan laa orang nak baca.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


bersawangnya blog!
habuk merata-rata.
tiada updates!
banyak sebab!
i had a long journey this winter break.
and problems too!

okay, as mentioned earlier (post lama-lama), i was supposed to have a grammar test.
but guess what?
cancel maaaa~
and that was how i started my winter break!

lepak-lepak di rumah for a while.
then 19th of december, off we go to portsmouth!
jalan-jalan lagi.
then manchester for quite a few days.
ada fuiyo!
and jalan-jalan.
unfortunately, i was SICK at that time.
memang teruklah!

balik plymouth!
still sick and rumah bocor!
pathetic kan hidup?
i stayed at my friends' house for almost a week.
yeah doing nothing.

sekarang, 5th of january, barulah my house okay.
and im finally back at house 20e!

okay that's all for now.
still gotta figure out how to kemas my room.

no pictures kan?
malas la!

i know, lame update!
but what to do?
no mood~