Sunday, November 28, 2010

bebas sekejap. :) tapi rasa seperti bebas selama-lamanya.


tinggal nak print saja!
tahu tak betapa berbunga-bunganya hatiku??
tahu takkkk?
tahu tak???

rasa macam dah graduate belajar jer..

Friday, November 26, 2010

last day.

hey ya people!
i'm not well.
demam ni!
tapi masih ada hati nak update blog, main fb semua!


these are the pictures that we managed to snap during SBE at Thornbury.
all cilok from my other half's fb~
thank you wa.

by the way, wawa and i made cinderella hats that day with the kids.
my last day there + cinderella hats + magnificent teachers and kids!!
hopefully, we'll get to go there again next year.

my other half and i

may and chocolates.

wawa cantik.

prince charming sila datang!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

abangku sayang. ^.^

tangan gatal mahu menaip sedangkan, i still got loads of work to do!

today mahu cakap tentang abang-abang saya.
saya ada dua orang abang.
abang kandung dan abang ipar.
do you know that i love them both sooooooooooo much?

phewwww! susah nak cari gambar mereka together. i mean, mereka berdua saja!
baju coklat kuning=abg mat
baju hitam=abg hafez
ahmad nazri itu abang saya!
saiful hafez itu abang ipar saya!
dua-dua sangat loving and caring.
and why am i writing an entry on them?
1. hekhek. nak wish besday abg mat yang dah terlepas itu.
2. nak wish congrats kat abg hafez for his graduation.

1. birthday abg mat!

hensem kan beliau dan anak-anaknya?

as usual, i tried to be the first one to wish him laa kan.
i want to wish waktu malaysia la kan!
4.00pm here = 12.00am there.
tengok my watch every minute.
then, the time came lah, terus dial his phone number!
ingatkan mahu sing for him, tapi segan la atas bus at that time!
i wished him then asked laa, am i the first one?
saya sendiri jawab, mestilah kedua kan?
sebab kompem-kompem la kak aza(akak iparku) dah wish.
abg mat dengan confidentnya said, no la, you're the 5th to wish me.
i was like?? @_@ sapa la yang call/msg lagi awal dari aku?
then dia sebut nama:
kak aza, rizq, wafriy, zahra.
budak-budak kecik tu pun kira ke? :p
cet! then tiba-tiba line putus!!!!
kredit ku kosong!
i wished he called me back and he DID!!!
comelkan abang saya??
i know i know, comel macam saya juga! ^.^
we talked for a while, tapi tentulah rizq and wafriy pun berborak with me.
oh yeah, abg mat mintak hadiah dari UK.
apa mahu? 
saya tiada duit laaa encik!
tunggu saya kaya sikit!
(walhal, duit pun selalu mintak kat dia) @_@

2. abg hafez's graduation.

mak ku! abang iparku dan anak buahku.

abg hafez graduate esok, 25th november 2010.
di uitm shah alam!
master tu babe!!!
hebat tak hebat abang ipar saya ni?
sangatttttt rajin belajar!
mana tak nya dapat anugerah cemerlang! 
can't wait to see his pictures dengan robe and mortar and teddies and flowers!
if i were at Malaysia now, mesti leh join kan?
i went to abg mat's graduation tau dulu~
jadi, saya pun mahulah belajar rajin-rajin seperti abang ipar saya ni!
nanti dah berjaya, senang!
tak lah menyusahkan abg mat minta duit lagi.
and oh yeah, he is so proud of me yang manage to further my studies here.
yeah abg hafez, im proud to have you as my bro-in-law.
if jadi pindah, mai la jenguk orang selalu.

tu je la kot entry for today!
sementara nak dapat idea untuk essay!
kita mengarang la di blog ini!

p/s: akan saya cuba usahakan untuk dapatkan hadiah for the both of you. 

a reward.

baru siap reflection dah mahu reward yourself with writing a new entry?
blahhhhhhhh la you!

mahu cakap pasal apa ek?
last saturday's event la!!

last saturday was an eventful day for me!
(kenapa mesti ayat essay?!)
i went for a training day as a cyber mentor and after that, i headed to attend a diwali-eid celebration.

training day.
for those yang tidak tahu, in marjon, saya berjinak-jinak dengan program sukarelawan.
all of us got an email from the international officer about this programme.
this cyber mentoring was organized by beatbullying, a UK organization yang khusus dalam handling these bullying stuff.
comel kan?
it is an ongoing programme that doesnt need us to go out from our room pun!
it's all about giving advice and help to those teenagers who has no one to turn to, and it's done online.
cool kan?
so, as an internet-addict, i agreed to join this programme dengan ajakan sahabat baik.
at least, i could contribute something to the committee here kan?
negaraku yang tercinta, ada tak program begini?
saya mahu join!
so, bergeraklah kami from marjon to plymouth university saturday morning tu!
mak aiiii!! besarnya!
marjon sangat comel compared to plymouth university.
and the training day was sooooooooo fun!!
sangat relax!
one of the many things i respect bout mat salleh ni, they keep things short but compact!
everything they deliver to us is the main gist, bukan lah sekadar penambah kata-kata.
we were taught the ways to 'advice' those kids, we even had 4 trials for the real sessions of counselling, but of course, with our friends laaa~
oh, forgot to mention yang the training day was held from 10.00am till 5.00pm!
tiada pictures lahh!!
tidak terasa mahu capture pictures pulak walaupun the university cantik~

diwali-eid celebration.

programme book, magazine and food coupon! 

lampu-lampu hall ini cantik!

could you guys imagine, how dark it was by the time we have finished with the training?
haaaaaaa~ and it's freaking colddddddddddddddddddd!!!
and i need to walk from plymouth university to guild hall to attend the event!
memang la tak jauh kan, tapi kalau dah gelap and sejuk?
siapa tak malas + cuak?
negara orang kot.
but luckily, i have my dear friend yang duk teman saya!
so, selamat laa! :)
terima kasih kawan.
the event was organized by south asian society of the UK.
the main reason i went there was to support my best friend, cik hana!


she was involved with one of the performances!
they danced asmaradana + ngajat tampi.

banggakan ada kawan baik gitu! ada talent tauuu~
and the other reason!
makan laa people!

the performances was like wooooooooooooo~
menarik menarik.
but i did not manage to video it, maklumlah, camera kuno! 
battery lemah semangat! :'(
but i managed to capture a few pictures!
please click here to see more pics.

overall, it was a fun but tiring day for me!
pakai pula baju ala-ala girlish gitu from morning till midnight!
nice nadiah, nice!

Monday, November 22, 2010


hey ya!
i'm in the middle of doing my Language Awareness assignment.

I managed to find all the examples (i think so) to put in the essay.
can, might and may, please be nice to me.
sekejap je?

i better practise writing before i proceed with my 1500 words essay and 500 words reflection.
ain't that just NICE??!

apa lagi ek?
tak ada apa kot!
till then!

Friday, November 19, 2010


just dropping by to say that im currently busy!
one assignment had been submitted.
narrative tuuu!

now im working on my second assignment.
language awareness.
we need to do some research on the usage of can, may and might.
like 'apakah? kena analyse apa niii?!' @_@

pening kepalaku mahu membuatnya!

ye i looked crazy!
thanx to orang-yang-captured-those-pics

by the way.
i celebrated my FIRST ever raya aidil adha here.
okay itu later!

mahu pergi tengok my sweethearts for now:


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

budak-budak tadika!

hey ya people! 
im done with my first visit to Thornbury.
i was grateful to be placed with wonderful people in an extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonderful and nice school!
we went there walking. (durh~ sekejap saja jalan)
and and all of us brought our own lunch except May.
comel tak?
wawa and i brought nasi goreng while safwan bawak maggi goreng. ^.^

it was very cold that morning.
we even wore gloves, tapi masih terasa ke tulang sumsum. (?) erkkkk.
then, there we were, in front of the door!
we were excited + nervous + you-name-it-all!
ye la kan, first time nak pergi sekolah mat salleh.

the door was closed!
it's an automatic door and it won't open although we pushed the button for sooooo many times.
(alamak, bad omen kaa ni?)
tak per, relax dulu!
all is well.
cakap dalam hati la!

tiba-tiba, we saw one pak cik yang when he saw us jaa, terus tersengih-sengih and he immediately pushed the button from inside to let us in.
(petanda baik dah ni)
he was expecting us and he was very kind!
bagi kami itu ini.
and he even explained to us a bit about the school.

he then took away our handphones and gave us a visitor badge.
sedih kan handphone kena ambil?
tapi tak pe, semangat waja masih ada walaupun handphone kena ambil for the whole day.
(sapalaah mahu message aku!)

wawa and i were partner and were under miss gerard.
she was the reception stage's teacher.
reception is actually a pre-school stage.
tadika la senang kata!
and the reception stage was divided into two classes.
i went with miss gerard, wawa with mrs. tak-ingat-apa-nama-dia!

there were 21 students that day, one went missing!
oh ye, by the way, ada Hannah who also comes from Marjon.
she's doing b.ed early years and in her second year.
she's been there since october kot till december.
she's there do erm.. observing and a little bit of teaching if i wasnt mistaken!
and yeah, wawa and i asked a lot of questions to her too.
she was very friendly and helpful too!

oh did i mention that the kids were extremely cute?
oh my! they really do resembles my nephew, si rizq zayyad!
rindu plak tiba-tiba.
the kids were very active and try to answer all the questions given by the miss gerard.
and they didnt feel awkward with me!
sangat peramah! they can talk to me about anything!
layan je laaaa. budak kecil kannnn?

i got to see different types of teaching methods done by miss gerard.
ada singing, writing, and colouring.
oh yeah, budak -budak umur 4 5 tahun dah reti guna computer.
rasa amat jauh ketinggalan pula! 
zaman kita dulu, tadika main-main je kot! 
advance sungguuuuuh dorang semua ini!
i managed to help miss gerard to handle some of the activities.
i sang along with the kids, helped them to write and colour.
and not forgetting, helped them to change for PE session.
comel je budak-budak kecil lari sana-sini during PE.

sebenarnya banyak lagi nak tulis.
tapi rasa malas!
all in all, memang seronok la SBE di Thornbury!
looking forward for next week to meet miss gerard and the adorable lee, neha, katie, olly, prabha, stanley and  the rest of the kids!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

oh my.

sudah lama tidak rasa begini!
why now??

kenapa kau datang sekarang?

kenapa kau hadir waktu aku tak perlukan kau?

aku nak stay away dari kau!
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
sangat sangat sangatttttttttt!

aku dah rindu kau!
see! apa yang kau buat dekat aku?
tak suka la cam ni!
nanti esok lusa, aku yang sakit balik!
paham tak?? 

i need time to heal.
and bila kau datang lagi, aku rasa payah!

it took me months tahu tak?
mestilah kau tak tahu kan??!!

esok saya mahu SBE!
harap-harap semuanya berjalan lancar.
janganlah hujan lebat esok!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

it ain't enough!

im bored sebenarnye!
it's sunday and it's time for us to chill out aite?
but for me and most of the marjonians, today is the time for us to qada' our sleep!
kerna NOTTS games!
we went all the way north to the university of nottingham to attend the biggest malaysian event in the UK.
it's the nottingham malaysian games!
basically, malaysians from all around UK and Ireland would come to play sports, eat malaysian food!
and meeting friends; old and new ones!

i too was excited to join this event.
our marjon malaysian students' president, had booked two buses for us.
ramai-ramailah kami jadi rombongan cik kiah ke notts!

i went there as a volunteer!
macam mana saya boleh volunteer?
dipendekkan cerita, saya ter'volunteer'!
and im glad i did it!
i get to experienced the chaos that all the notts people experienced!
gila teruklah!!
i mean, not the event yang teruk, but the work that needed to be done!
can you imagine beribu-ribu students come and enjoy themselves.
tentulah host want to do their best in welcoming the guest aite?
and sudah semestinya, the host akan jadi extremelyyyyyyyy penat!!
yeah that was how i felt!
walaupun setakat menjual air kan, terasa wooo.
sengal-sengal kaki bagai!!!
tapi, bernilai semua itu!

moments indah di booth: 

saya, hana and kangga: free drinks! free drinks!! milo! bandung! sirap!
(berpusu-pusu orang datang ambil air)

saya: aish, mana pula seringgit ni?
customer 1 yang macho: eh, mana ada seringgit kat sini? (sambil muka tersengih-sengih)

saya: 50 sen jer. (tersasul, harga betul 50pence)
customer 2:  apa? 50 sen? saya ada duit Malaysia ni. (laju je kan kalau harga Malaysia!)

customer 3: ni air ape? (sambil tunjuk ke milo)
hana: ni air milo.
customer 3: milo??!! dah lama tak minum air milo. nak satu. (sila buat gaya excited waktu baca part ni)

and there lots more yang i couldn't remember and malas nak type. :p
sangat comel laa malaysians yang ada kat UK ni!!

oh yeah!
rasanya, i met all of my schoolmates yang ke notts games.
juek, yandey, pechi, cheqot, nazu, sue, hanun and ami.
sayangnya, tiada dapat saya bergambar dengan mereka kecuali sue yang jadi ketua volunteer di booth minuman itu.

i din get the chance to watch the matches or go sight-seeing notts!
next time maybe?
mahu jalan-jalan satu notts itu!

comelkan jalan di notts?

sebelum terpisah!


muka excited!

muka cheerleaders tak jadi! :p

volunteers from plymouth + sue

dinner free!

kami di booth drinks!


p/s: ada sesiapa tahu result final basketball between leeds and IC?

Friday, November 5, 2010

SBE datang lagi!

salam and hello people!
saya lagi!
(tentulah kan? this is my blog!)

seperti yang semua maklum.
im a teacher-to-be.
of course lah, every teacher trainee needs to go for School Based Experience (SBE)
to observe how the school works.
to observe the teachers.
to observe the students.
serba-serbi la!

i first went for SBE back at kelantan during my last semester of foundation.
please click here and here.

and since UCP MARJON is famous for its excellence in training teachers,
sudah semestinya, we will have our SBE too!!
and we, the first years will be having our SBE starting next week; every Tuesday it is.
for the first three weeks, we'll go to primary school and the other two weeks will be allocated for secondary school.

we are divided into a few groups.
my group consists of hafidzatun nadwa, safwan, may and me!

wawa aka kekasih saya. :')

safwan aka leader KB.

may aka kL girl.

our school is Thornbury Primary School which is only 7-minute walk from our campus.
best kan?

wawa, safwan and i went to our school yesterday to check things out.
so far, all is well.
it is a small institution with only 247 students!

basically, i can't wait for my first SBE here.
hopefully, it will be okay.

mana pictures safwan?
penat aku bergaya dengan wawa that day!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


saya suka minyak wangi!
minyak wangi di sini semuanya murah-murah belaka!
oh seronoknya hidup!
skema tak ayat?

i went to london last week.
we had a programme on saturday.
a very good one indeed!
i was captivated by the talks~ ermm.
at least, my direction here tak terpesong.

on sunday pula, we had our london tour by the seniors.
sangat penat!
tangan kaki lenguh coz angkat beg merata-rata!
overall, semuanya meriah je!

two in one! 
programme yang meletup + tour yang syok !!