Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a reward.

baru siap reflection dah mahu reward yourself with writing a new entry?
blahhhhhhhh la you!

mahu cakap pasal apa ek?
last saturday's event la!!

last saturday was an eventful day for me!
(kenapa mesti ayat essay?!)
i went for a training day as a cyber mentor and after that, i headed to attend a diwali-eid celebration.

training day.
for those yang tidak tahu, in marjon, saya berjinak-jinak dengan program sukarelawan.
all of us got an email from the international officer about this programme.
this cyber mentoring was organized by beatbullying, a UK organization yang khusus dalam handling these bullying stuff.
comel kan?
it is an ongoing programme that doesnt need us to go out from our room pun!
it's all about giving advice and help to those teenagers who has no one to turn to, and it's done online.
cool kan?
so, as an internet-addict, i agreed to join this programme dengan ajakan sahabat baik.
at least, i could contribute something to the committee here kan?
negaraku yang tercinta, ada tak program begini?
saya mahu join!
so, bergeraklah kami from marjon to plymouth university saturday morning tu!
mak aiiii!! besarnya!
marjon sangat comel compared to plymouth university.
and the training day was sooooooooo fun!!
sangat relax!
one of the many things i respect bout mat salleh ni, they keep things short but compact!
everything they deliver to us is the main gist, bukan lah sekadar penambah kata-kata.
we were taught the ways to 'advice' those kids, we even had 4 trials for the real sessions of counselling, but of course, with our friends laaa~
oh, forgot to mention yang the training day was held from 10.00am till 5.00pm!
tiada pictures lahh!!
tidak terasa mahu capture pictures pulak walaupun the university cantik~

diwali-eid celebration.

programme book, magazine and food coupon! 

lampu-lampu hall ini cantik!

could you guys imagine, how dark it was by the time we have finished with the training?
haaaaaaa~ and it's freaking colddddddddddddddddddd!!!
and i need to walk from plymouth university to guild hall to attend the event!
memang la tak jauh kan, tapi kalau dah gelap and sejuk?
siapa tak malas + cuak?
negara orang kot.
but luckily, i have my dear friend yang duk teman saya!
so, selamat laa! :)
terima kasih kawan.
the event was organized by south asian society of the UK.
the main reason i went there was to support my best friend, cik hana!


she was involved with one of the performances!
they danced asmaradana + ngajat tampi.

banggakan ada kawan baik gitu! ada talent tauuu~
and the other reason!
makan laa people!

the performances was like wooooooooooooo~
menarik menarik.
but i did not manage to video it, maklumlah, camera kuno! 
battery lemah semangat! :'(
but i managed to capture a few pictures!
please click here to see more pics.

overall, it was a fun but tiring day for me!
pakai pula baju ala-ala girlish gitu from morning till midnight!
nice nadiah, nice!


mRa amira said...

baju same dari pagi sampai malam ke?

okay. nad cuk! >.< kekekeke

nadiahs said...

miera ngeng!!!!!
sini sejuk!
tak berpeluH!!
plus perfume i wangi!!