Wednesday, November 10, 2010

budak-budak tadika!

hey ya people! 
im done with my first visit to Thornbury.
i was grateful to be placed with wonderful people in an extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonderful and nice school!
we went there walking. (durh~ sekejap saja jalan)
and and all of us brought our own lunch except May.
comel tak?
wawa and i brought nasi goreng while safwan bawak maggi goreng. ^.^

it was very cold that morning.
we even wore gloves, tapi masih terasa ke tulang sumsum. (?) erkkkk.
then, there we were, in front of the door!
we were excited + nervous + you-name-it-all!
ye la kan, first time nak pergi sekolah mat salleh.

the door was closed!
it's an automatic door and it won't open although we pushed the button for sooooo many times.
(alamak, bad omen kaa ni?)
tak per, relax dulu!
all is well.
cakap dalam hati la!

tiba-tiba, we saw one pak cik yang when he saw us jaa, terus tersengih-sengih and he immediately pushed the button from inside to let us in.
(petanda baik dah ni)
he was expecting us and he was very kind!
bagi kami itu ini.
and he even explained to us a bit about the school.

he then took away our handphones and gave us a visitor badge.
sedih kan handphone kena ambil?
tapi tak pe, semangat waja masih ada walaupun handphone kena ambil for the whole day.
(sapalaah mahu message aku!)

wawa and i were partner and were under miss gerard.
she was the reception stage's teacher.
reception is actually a pre-school stage.
tadika la senang kata!
and the reception stage was divided into two classes.
i went with miss gerard, wawa with mrs. tak-ingat-apa-nama-dia!

there were 21 students that day, one went missing!
oh ye, by the way, ada Hannah who also comes from Marjon.
she's doing b.ed early years and in her second year.
she's been there since october kot till december.
she's there do erm.. observing and a little bit of teaching if i wasnt mistaken!
and yeah, wawa and i asked a lot of questions to her too.
she was very friendly and helpful too!

oh did i mention that the kids were extremely cute?
oh my! they really do resembles my nephew, si rizq zayyad!
rindu plak tiba-tiba.
the kids were very active and try to answer all the questions given by the miss gerard.
and they didnt feel awkward with me!
sangat peramah! they can talk to me about anything!
layan je laaaa. budak kecil kannnn?

i got to see different types of teaching methods done by miss gerard.
ada singing, writing, and colouring.
oh yeah, budak -budak umur 4 5 tahun dah reti guna computer.
rasa amat jauh ketinggalan pula! 
zaman kita dulu, tadika main-main je kot! 
advance sungguuuuuh dorang semua ini!
i managed to help miss gerard to handle some of the activities.
i sang along with the kids, helped them to write and colour.
and not forgetting, helped them to change for PE session.
comel je budak-budak kecil lari sana-sini during PE.

sebenarnya banyak lagi nak tulis.
tapi rasa malas!
all in all, memang seronok la SBE di Thornbury!
looking forward for next week to meet miss gerard and the adorable lee, neha, katie, olly, prabha, stanley and  the rest of the kids!!!!


mRa amira said...

gambar gambar!

oh lupe..

xdpt amek ekh?

cam best je..

chaiyookk nad!!

chaiyokkk teacher nad! hehe

steamira said...

uplod pict please ;)

nadiahs said...

miera and mira: sorry syg, policy UK tak membenarkan pics diambil. erm..

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