Monday, August 6, 2012


Assalammualaikum and Hi !!

Patah hati.

Remuk dah.
Nothing left.
Who ask you to play with fire?
Kan Nadiah?
Alahai alahai, why must this happen?
I should see this coming, everything. 

From the very beginning.
Silly me.
You idiot, Nadiah.

Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah.
Is this the punishment I got for not being good?
Ya Allah. 

Ya Allah, please lend me a little bit of strength to go through all of these.
Please ya Allah. 

la tahzan nadiah.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!!

Weird this post has been in my draft since I don't know when.

And weird that it somehow relates to my situation right now.
It looks like I've been having the same problem since 2010.
Oh well, La Tahzan Nadiah, Allah is always with you.


p/s: Notice how different I typed now and then. Even the title looks weird without capital letters.


hei you girl!
you're a strong girl aite?
dun be sad.
everything happens for a reason/reasons (?)
be happy!
let go of anything unnecessary.
let go.
break free.
you can do it.
you have to.
you MUST!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Same old same old.

Assalammualaikum and Hi !!

How long has it been since I last scribble my thoughts and feelings here?
Oh my, I mistreated you Cik Blog.
Sorry. And as I've mentioned before, I will only come here if I have problems.
Yes, I have problems.
The same ones.
The ones I can't manage and handle.
It's hard to be nice to people kan?
To pretend that we're okay whereas, we are certainly not okayyy!
My bad. I can't control my emotions and feelings.

But hey, come on Nadiah, you're 23 years old!
You should be matured enough to handle this kind of prob.

Move on.
Get over it.
Forget it.
Avoid it.

Oo Allah.

What should I do now?

p/s: I wish Doraemon's Anywhere Door exists. And no one will read this post.