Sunday, August 5, 2012

Same old same old.

Assalammualaikum and Hi !!

How long has it been since I last scribble my thoughts and feelings here?
Oh my, I mistreated you Cik Blog.
Sorry. And as I've mentioned before, I will only come here if I have problems.
Yes, I have problems.
The same ones.
The ones I can't manage and handle.
It's hard to be nice to people kan?
To pretend that we're okay whereas, we are certainly not okayyy!
My bad. I can't control my emotions and feelings.

But hey, come on Nadiah, you're 23 years old!
You should be matured enough to handle this kind of prob.

Move on.
Get over it.
Forget it.
Avoid it.

Oo Allah.

What should I do now?

p/s: I wish Doraemon's Anywhere Door exists. And no one will read this post. 

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