Thursday, December 16, 2010

of SBE presentation. ^.^

ada comel. itu SBE. School Based Experience.

hati sudah girang.
presentation sudah lepas!
it all went well this morning.
we started a bit late as we waited for the technician to set up the camera as we were being filmed!
yeahh baby!
our presentation were recorded and would be uploaded in learning space!
can't wait to see how we actually performed just now! ^.^
before we started, we were asked to draw lots to see which group will go first.
and our beloved lecturer put the small pieces of paper in a cap and asked us randomly to pick a paper.
shanta did the first one and my group was selected to go FIRST!
time itu jugalah jantung berdegup-degup laju.
macam nak pengsan pun ada.
i have problems with presentations! 
it was okay afterwards because once we did it, we were free from all this nervous, depression feelings.

and the game began!!
ummi went first, i'm the second and nik was the last one and she wrapped up our presentation.
  • ummi talked about time management.
  • i talked about the use of space.
  • nik talked about behavioural management.
from my observation, our group's presentation was the simplest
each of us only had 3 slides. 
that made it 9 slides of contents.
1 slide for conclusion.
and 4 slides for our names, school and aspects blah blahh.
i was terrified after seeing the other presentations, but redha je la.
see, i still couldn't find out what redha means in english!

overall, it was a good one.
everybody performed at their very best and we, as the audience were nice throughout the presentation.
although sometimes, we did fooled around with our friends.

attentive listeners? nahhh. behind there is michael.

senyum lebarr! :)

and michael gave very positive comments about our overall performance.
hopefully he meant every single word that he said.

itu sahaja buat kali ini!
im over excited because we passed our first obstacle which is presenting depan mat salleh.
i know it sounds stupid, but you do get what i mean kan?
kalau yang tak faham itu, ketuk kepala sendiri laju-lajulah!

muka husna sangap! :p

ehem ehem.

lepas present, hadap GRAMMAR.

can't wait for the next presentation....... NEVER!!

p/s: thank you for voting walaupun i know that korang cam tak waras time tu! :p
nanti saya belanja air tap.
semua orang pun hebat!
i voted for group 5 and 8 tadi! :)


heyy yaaaaaaaaaaaa!
i'm going crazy!!
there are lots of stuff going on now.

  • presentation.
  • assignments.
  • packing things.

tak terbuat juga kangggg!
macam mana??!

eh today!
16th of december 2010.
di kala orang bersuka-ria, kami Arglye and Albion harus mempresentkan hasil dapatan kami sempena SBE!
we need to talk for 5 minutes on 1 aspect of classroom management.
and i chose the use of spaceeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 
hopefully all will go well tomorrow.

and on friday pula, ada language awareness test.
that means grammar test.
and that means, im a dead meat!
you know i kurang pandai in grammar.
susah hidup!!
manja sangat ni!
once dah banyak kerja, mula la gelabah ayam!
niceeeeeee one Nadiah!

and right after those two major events, barulah i'll think about the written assignments for poetry and classroom management.
nice nice. 
just nice.

sedikit gambar last day di richard lander school!

p/s: selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa sempena Hari Asyura.

Berpuasa pada hari Asyura juga menghapuskan dosa-dosa kita pada tahun sebelumnya. Ini sebagaimana sabda Rasulullah s.a.w: “Puasa tiga hari dari setiap bulan sejak dari Ramadan ke Ramadan berikutnya dianggap berpuasa setahun penuh. Sedangkan puasa hari Arafah pahalanya menurut Allah dapat menghapuskan dosa setahun sebelumnya dan setahun sesudahnya. Adapun puasa hari Asyura, pahalanya menurut Allah dapat menghapuskan dosa setahun sebelumnya.” – Hadis riwayat Imam Muslim. 

to read more, click here.

Monday, December 13, 2010


wanna know something?
today, 13th of Dec 2010, for the first time ever in marjon.
i rode a bus alone.
note that.
nobody to accompany me.
hebat tak saya?
nad sungguh lame.
actually, im not used to go anywhere by myself.
i feel insecure if i walk alone.
dahsyat tak gitu?
makanya, today, i decided that i need to at least experience la jalan sorang-sorang di sini.
=.=' orang lain dah lama buat gitu nadiah. 
shame on you.
pergi pun tak jauh mana.
ASDA saja! hekhekkk.
overall, saya rasa suka. 
jalan sorang-sorang.
bajet cool!
next time try ke city pula ye.
entah sampai balik marjon entah tidak.

oh crap.
benda di atas ni bukanlah apa yang i want to talk about.
ada jaa kaitan!
when i arrived home from ASDA, tengok la screen laptop.
banyaknya windows YM! 
narry s iaitu my beloved sister pun ada.
she buzzed me 5 times!
she said thara, my niece nak tengok saya.
and she called my skype 5 times juga.
lepas itu, my bro in law pula ada skype, my mum mahu webcam.
sepantas kilat kot call dorang.
tapi, sayangnya, thara yang comel dah tidur.
my sis said, dia menangis-nangis mahu webcam dengan saya.
sedih habis ni!
then, waktu berskype dengan mak saya, she said, thara nak tidur tadi pun, mamai-mamai pun called my name.
memang meruntun jiwa betullahhh! adoiiii~

pictures ini zaman bulan lepas! :p

comel kan?????

flying kiss to mak busu.


nasib baik tak menangis tadi!!!
kenapa masa kat klebang besar tak sama dengan plymouth?
tak adilkan??!
berchatting pun sekejap saja dengan orang malaysia.
mereka mengantuk.
perlu tidur awal.
oh my!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

of SBE again!

second entry for tonight!
rindu sama kamu blog.
saya akan menulis banyak-banyak.

this time, im going to talk about my School Based Experience di Secondary School.
it's our very first time going to secondary school in England and of course, i was very excited!
14 of us were placed in Richard Lander School.
it took 2 hours from marjon to reach the school which is situated kat area cornwall.
could you imagine, we need to move by 0630!
awal gila kot!
and thank you kepada yang kejut bangun pagi pukul 0500.
as usual, ayat biasa, it was very cold!

pergi pagi-pagi, mana nak nampak scenery kan?
semua orang tidur kot.
but wawa and saya berborak! ^.^

muka semangat di awal pagi. =.='

once we arrived there.
adoi mak aiiiiiii!
lawa gila sekolah tu!
macam level college dah!


pete yang sangat cool! senior teacher.

computer lab, see the computers. pergh!

ini ialah cafe! cantikkkkkk!

drama hall.

ada lampu bagai! tak ke grand?

see the music equipment!

race car!

tu ialah cafe dari luar.


PE hall.

facilities lengkap.
rooms banyak.
sekolah besar.
both teachers and students are dedicated.
achievements pun bagus.
how i wish schools di negara saya begini juga.

one perfect school, for me.


ya itu dia!
my topic for today!

it's a feeling that's unavoidable.
it hurts.
most of us experienced it in our lives.
at least once.

but loneliness could be treated if we have our loved ones with us.
our case here.

melalut pula!
but that's true kan?

actually, petang tadi, we had a photography session.
ceh! bunyi nak grand kan?
walhal snap pictures guna camera biasa saja!

the purpose was to help our dear friends to do their assignment.
semangatlah kami kalau bergambar-gambar ni!
and yeah, we can be good models!

you know, we had fun although it's freaking cold outside there.
don't be fooled by the sunlight!
silau saja, tak panas pun!
enjoy the pictures!

buat line please.

kanak-kanak riang.

kawan tolong kawan, buat makan kawan. :)

yeah yeah!

ada, jangan sorang-sorang.


kami comel. kami tahu.

melompat tinggi!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


what about the title?
that is a part of my feeling.
mixed feelings daaaaaaaaaaaa.
saya rasa gembira.
saya rasa takut.
saya rasa sayang.
saya rasa nervous.
saya rasa depressed!
lagi banyak negative dari positive!
kenapa again?
ye saya.
saya pun tak tahu kenapa.
pelik deyyyyyyyyy Nadiah ini!

tahu tak perasaan takut nak luahkan apa yang terpendam dalam hati kita?
be it rasa benci ke, rasa sayang ke, rasa tak puas hati ke.
payahhhhhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooo!
apa reaksi orang sekeliling?
sila bagitahu saya sekarang!
ada sesiapa yang boleh rungkaikan?

and macam mana nak rawat hati yang rindu family?
tension kot!
mahu balik!

Friday, December 3, 2010

the result.

how ya doing?
just wanna share a few pics during our foundation years dan selepasnya. :p
to be exact.
the 'penantian itu satu penyeksaan' moment.

date: 08062010
venue: cafe.
time: lunch hour.
reason: result!

it was after our final examination.
and a few of us volunteered to stay to help with the meeting between the mat sallehs and the lecturers here.
turned out to be yang we didnt have to do anything as the venue had been changed to one of the hotels in KB.
they were suppose to go through our exam papers, evaluate blah blah blahhhh~
and that night/morning before that, we were informed yang ada kawan kami yang tak bernasib baik!
yang terkandas one paper!
and and we didnt know who it was as our lecturers tak bagitahu siapa.
of course, we as the only 10 or 9 marjonians left were bombarded with millions of questions from our classmates regarding the result.
tentulah kami tatau apa-apa kan?
lagi laaa cuak kan?
boleh paham tak perasaan kami?
pergi toilet, balik toilet, pergi makan, cuci tangan.
otak fikir, ya ampun! aku ker?

and now, we've been here for two months lebih-lebih dah.

semuanya okayyyyyyyy!
we are all here.

p/s: sila perhatikan perubahan riak muka masing-masing!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


hey ya people!
just a short update!!
now is 7.50 am, 2 dec 2010!
this morning i woke up and nampak snow!
snow as in salji!
call me jakun whatsoever!
tapi siapa yang tak excited jumpa snow?

here's the pictures yang managed dicapture from my room!
the rest are with hana!

my camera habis battery. =.='

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sila pergi sekarang.

i got to know 'dia' since i was young.
about 8 or 9 years old.
but 'dia' did not always come and see me.
i was glad though if 'dia' did not come and visit me.
'dia' was okay, but i did not like it.
scary mannnnnnn~

then, when i was 11 years old, 'dia' went away.
yeah, i was very happy at that moment because 'dia' won't be with me.

to be exact, last week.
saturday morning.
1.30 am.
'dia' came.
i was shocked!! 
i thought 'dia' just came for a while.
but until now, 'dia' won't leave me!!
'dia' keeps coming back!!
saya sudah takut!
tahu tak?
why must you come now?
i'm away from my family!
pergi kau jauh!

so, macam mana ni?

are you an internet addict?

yes, i am.
ye saya ketagih internet.
(okay it sounds weird in Malay)

saya sangat suka internet.
statement orang yang tiada life!
tell me, siapa yang tak online nowadays?
i'm sure, se'busy' mana pun kamu kamu dan kamu.
mesti akan online, selagi boleh online.

ye, i berkenalan dengan internet zaman dial-up.
waktu tu primary school kot.
kalau guna internet, telepon rumah can't be used.
memang lawak.
and dengan sound nya tu waktu nak dialling, memang la kuat!
satu kampung boleh dengar!
but i survived that era. ^.^
email pun ada buat a few times, zaman nama-nama email yang lawak gilaa tu.
i remembered my first ever email was :
akulah paling cool time tu!
unfortunately, most of my friends tak berjinak-jinak lagi dengan internet, so pun mati begitu sahaja. @_@

dulu kalau online, saya akan surf website
like oh myyyyyy~
dulu download lagu semua kat situ.
and oh ye, i searched for song lyrics, lepas tu, copy paste save kat word.
comel nya saya. (i know)
and the most important thing to do was to search for the pictures of my favourite artists, footballers, you-name-it!
jahil betul zaman dulu!

blah blah blahhhh.

masuklah zaman friendster.
waktu secondary school!
wajib ada lah waktu itu~
i never joined myspace sebab tak reti nak buat layout kot!

zaman friendster, ada a few kawan yang dah ada email so on and so forth, so connected la saya.
and oh ye, yahoo messenger juga saya guna. 
hi5! netlog!
oh myyyyyyyyyy~

my friendster.
ada sesiapa mahu add? ^.^

( saya tak delete account friendster, sayangggggggggg!)

then, internet helped me a lot during my years in SSP.
i called home, but i interacted with both my brother and sister via email.
waktu tu, i already had 2 permanent email!
and that time, not many people ada gmail like nowadays.
bajet coollah ada gmail that time!
when i browsed through my old emails, boleh tergelak-geak sendiri kot!

antara email-email itu. ^.^

gila lawak!!

after SPM, lagi la best!
duduk rumah.

bangun pagi, internet, semuanya masih internet~

then, there was this time where i did not use internet and i survived!
waktu di matriks.
i don't have lappy lagi that time.
redha sajaaaaaaaaa!
after i enrolled at IPKB, hidup sengsara without internet!
wifi maktab sangat slow macam siputttttttttttttttttt!!
then, i berjaya convinced my sister untuk belikan broadband.
hidup celcom!
era facebook and youtube and twitter!
hidup terisi dengan youtube.

and of course, facebook sangatlah addictive!
i could spend hours in front of lappy just with facebook.
gila tak?
youtube pula, tak yah cakaplahhhhhhhhh!
semua jenis lagu ada, memang syok la kaannn.
then, downloading songs became easier dengan adanya berbagai-bagai website.

tak sampai point lagi ni!
nak inform yang i can just hadap laptop walaupun facebook dah deactivate!
tapi merapu-rapu pula di atas~
gilaaaaaaa lah kamu Nadiah!!!
facebook deactivate, hadap twitter, formspring, skype, ym, youtube plak.
boleh deactivate tak semua ni?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

bebas sekejap. :) tapi rasa seperti bebas selama-lamanya.


tinggal nak print saja!
tahu tak betapa berbunga-bunganya hatiku??
tahu takkkk?
tahu tak???

rasa macam dah graduate belajar jer..