Thursday, December 16, 2010

of SBE presentation. ^.^

ada comel. itu SBE. School Based Experience.

hati sudah girang.
presentation sudah lepas!
it all went well this morning.
we started a bit late as we waited for the technician to set up the camera as we were being filmed!
yeahh baby!
our presentation were recorded and would be uploaded in learning space!
can't wait to see how we actually performed just now! ^.^
before we started, we were asked to draw lots to see which group will go first.
and our beloved lecturer put the small pieces of paper in a cap and asked us randomly to pick a paper.
shanta did the first one and my group was selected to go FIRST!
time itu jugalah jantung berdegup-degup laju.
macam nak pengsan pun ada.
i have problems with presentations! 
it was okay afterwards because once we did it, we were free from all this nervous, depression feelings.

and the game began!!
ummi went first, i'm the second and nik was the last one and she wrapped up our presentation.
  • ummi talked about time management.
  • i talked about the use of space.
  • nik talked about behavioural management.
from my observation, our group's presentation was the simplest
each of us only had 3 slides. 
that made it 9 slides of contents.
1 slide for conclusion.
and 4 slides for our names, school and aspects blah blahh.
i was terrified after seeing the other presentations, but redha je la.
see, i still couldn't find out what redha means in english!

overall, it was a good one.
everybody performed at their very best and we, as the audience were nice throughout the presentation.
although sometimes, we did fooled around with our friends.

attentive listeners? nahhh. behind there is michael.

senyum lebarr! :)

and michael gave very positive comments about our overall performance.
hopefully he meant every single word that he said.

itu sahaja buat kali ini!
im over excited because we passed our first obstacle which is presenting depan mat salleh.
i know it sounds stupid, but you do get what i mean kan?
kalau yang tak faham itu, ketuk kepala sendiri laju-lajulah!

muka husna sangap! :p

ehem ehem.

lepas present, hadap GRAMMAR.

can't wait for the next presentation....... NEVER!!

p/s: thank you for voting walaupun i know that korang cam tak waras time tu! :p
nanti saya belanja air tap.
semua orang pun hebat!
i voted for group 5 and 8 tadi! :)


nur shuhada binti miskin said...

wow!!gmbar saya yg 1st~

Mra Mastura said...

yeah! sudah lepas present! laju laju update! hehehe

k Ummu said...

ngeeeeeeeee tulah akk pelik napa nad sungguh bersunnguh2 post psl presentation ni.. now i know..huhu mat saleh kat majon syok la dik, no worries (: akk pun suke present2 dlm class diorg... nti in future lg byk presentation.. siap kene wat micro teaching lagi..huhu

all the best in yr future.. jadilah ceegu yg baek!

kakak yg suke nyibuk =p

nadiahs said...

ada: haruslah! nk tunjukkan slide tu haa~ :p

miera: yeah! kan? ni darah excited menyerbu laju2.

kak ummu syg: ish, akak mane pernah nyebuk! ketuk kang. :p
agak look forward laa for other interesting activities! :)

ZA said...

hai kak nadiah :)

nadiahs said...

hai naz!
drop comment tu jer ker?

ZA said...

haha sbb mcm rindu nk bual2 kt fb. deactivate ye? hehe how are you?

nadiahs said...

naz: alolooo..
comel nye die! :) yes dear, akak deactivate! hahah. im fine. what bout you dear?

aphyx said...

big applause from me..congrats! its really a tough job..presening in front of a native tesl lecturer..i had experienced it once..and the lecturer said that my english is mix-up in term of grammar and structure etc..and it was embarrassing! huhuu..but i just "redha" coz i knew my english already..but its so hard to impress a mat salleh esp my lecturer..i hope he wont teach me in future..huhuu...and my advice is, i love a short/simplified and informative slides (which means less slides) compared to long and reading slides presentation (more number of slides)..coz for me, presentation is not reading from the slides or putting all the speech in slides but, explain verbally the general points from the slides..and sometimes, like my lecturer always said, "afiq, less is more!"..dont need to bitting around the bush(es!!), i think u did well (even i cant judge coz i didnt see) but i hate looooong presentation, coz for me its not just to show off and makes me feel dizzy and ting tong after make it worst, i waste my time confusing my self listening to them(completely dont understand bout the presentation)and it spoilt my mood to hear the next one..i hope u get what i mean..sory for membebel here..just meluah kan perasaan..hahaha

nadiahs said...

bro afiq: saya paham what you mean. hahah.. me too. kalo slides nye panjang and melalut, sy pun tk suka! haha. lecturer sni cool2 kot.. so leh la lyn kannn~ :) hahaa thanx tuk luahan perasaan tu@!

ZA said...

sorry kak nadiah, zura reply lmbt. dh mcm fb chat pulak kt sni hehe sorry for making ur comment looks messy.
naz okay aja deh sehat2.
nk masuk kandang balik dh this january. pray for our success! risau sbb upcoming sem is the most hectic sem ever for diploma student. :|

ZA said...

ya rabb, sorry late reply hehe. zura sihat2 je. :)tcare di sana.