Thursday, October 28, 2010

of fast food and water leakage.

woot woootttttttttttt!
mari-mari baca cerita ini!

an unforgettable event that colours my life here in plymouth!
since a looooooongg timeeeeee agoo,
kami; kangga, ayein, hana and i had always wanted to eat fast food here. (walhal baru sebulan di sini)
konon-kononnya rindu laa segala macam fast food kat malaysia.
and we were informed by our beloved seniors yang ada satu fast food here yang HALAL!!
wow! amazing kan?
so after delaying for sooo many times, we decided to eat it today as our dinner.
of course la the food is delivery service punya~
besides, hana and ayein were fasting, so okay la tu kan?

after ordering tu, we ate la.
the venue was in my house; House 20!
it was after maghrib.
and as usual, berbual, bergossip la kami.
of all sorts of things.
from education (erk, ada ke yang ini), friends, travelling.
then, it was 9 pm!
it was quite late dahhhh. 
haruslah balik rumah, cuci pinggan semua kan?

ayein pun melangkah ke dapur to do the dishes.
aish, sebaik sahaja dia turn on the tap, we could here water dripping, okay, not dripping.
it was like shhhwooooshhhhhh!!!
waterfall-like-sound muncul out of nowhere.
tiba-tiba saja menitik-menitik  turun bagai air hujan in a place where we store our dustbin and a big water heater machine.
terkejut man!!!!

luckily kangga was there.
girls kan usually panic if this kind of thing strikes kan?
kangga la hero kami, he called the emergency line.

eheemm! lakonan semula saja ni! :p
meanwhile, the water level increased!!
mop and baldi keluar!
kami pun jadi maid sementara.
hana and ayein sangat dedicated. 
and then, pak cik maintenance datang!
he checked and went back to get help from his friend.
so baik la pak cik itu!
he went back to get two portable heaters for my house and a machine yang duk sedut air~ (tatau nama dia apa :p )
we were amazed fo a while tengok machine tu.
pak cik tu la duk sedut air tu.
and he was very funny la!!
sempat pula acah-acah si ayein! 

for now, the water still leaks, but not as bad as before.
the pak cik asked us to wait till tomorrow and he'll come and fixed it.
hopefully, things will be better!!

all in all, it was a terrifying yet very fun experience!! 
(kenapa ayat macam conclusion essay?)

okay ini serious betul punya! tong sampah penuh air kot!


hey ya all!!
nak cakap pasal duit laa!
boleh tak?

sekarang ni zaman orang ada duit atau tidak?
sila jawab.
saya ada duit, cukuplah untuk belanja diri sendiri untuk 3-4 bulan kot.

money is important kan?
i mean, with money, kita boleh beli macam-macam.
kalau girls, mak aiii~
baju itu ini.
skirt tompok-tompok, belang-belang.
dress! maxi tak maxi.
dengan make-up nya lagi!
agak-agak berapa ratus habis ye?

boys pula.
accessories itu ini.
gadget bagai.

ini semua vice versa ya.
ada je girls yang suka gadget and boys yang suka bergaya etc etc.

me too included dalam category itu.
saya suka shopping tapi tak la tahap shopaholic kan.
masih boleh terkawal lagi.
tapi sejak sampai ke UK tercinta ni, nafsu berbelanja makin tinggi!
semua barang di sini nampak murah!
semua nampak cantik!
memang murah pun.
£5 or £10 je.
murah kan?? kan??
so, macam mana lah saya tak terbelanja.
tapi setakat ni, tak lagi la habis merata-rata kan.
saya cuba sedaya upaya nak hadkan diri dari bershopping.
rasanya, duit banyak mengalir ke bahan makan rumah dan study.
untuk diri sendiri?
apa saya dah beli?
okay itu saja!
see! saya pandai jimat duit. (in your dreams nad!!)

tapi, saya juga manusia biasa. 
yang inginkan benda-benda material yang cukup menarik minat.
tengok baju jual online, rasa mahu click saja masuk basket.

tapi sabar sabar.
tengok iphone yang cool-nak-mati tu, doa-doalah yang harga cepat turun.

macam mana nak bertahan ni?

tengok rakan-rakan spend pun boleh tergugat pendirian tentang belanja-belanja ni!
ada juga yang saya angkut beberapa barang yang memang menjadi idaman kalbu.

tapi, saya ada hati juga mahu simpan duit.
ya, simpan duit.
i know most of you wont believe me.
but this is true la.
i intend nak simpan duit banyak-banyak and then bawak balik malaysia.
seronok kan? kan?
tapi, entah tercapai entah tidak hasrat itu!

jadi, macam mana duit sekarang?
simpan atau belanja?
ke nak minta pada abang yang tersayang abg mat? heheh~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

balloons for rizq, wafriy, thara and zahra. :')

i'm on my break from doing language awareness task.
i could feel my head goes round and round and round.
so i guess, my not-so rajin otak ni needs to blog nak melegakan otak. :p
(alasan tak mahu buat kerja sebenarnya)

cakap pasal apa ye?
pasal my skyping session with my two beloved nephews.
oh my, rindu nak mati kat mereka!
rizq and wafriy.
actually, i didn't expect to skype with them pun.
right after class, tentulah balik rumah and on laptop.
it was my luck rasanya, i saw abg mat online skype.
teruslah call beliau, memang i always skype with him pun.
my first trial tak berjaya, line tak elok kot.
so, surf la laman-laman sosial yang lagha dulu.
then, i tried again.
dapat!!! kak aza answered it and terkeluar la muka rizq and wafriy.

comel makkkk aiiii!!!!!
kenapa anak buah aku comel-comel?
jawab jawab!!
then, kami berborak.
it was so fun talking to them, seeing them running around.
main peekaboo bagai~
ish geram-geram.
and i think my nephews makin bijak pandai and hensem.
terubat juga rindu. 
it's been a while since i berwebcam with both of them.
tiba-tiba rindu rumah pula kan?
sila jangan homesick!!

by the way, saya selalu juga berwebcam dengan si kecil lagi seorang.
thara!!! waaaaaaaaaa~
gigi dah penuh!!
makin aktif, lari sana lari sini.
dah makin nakal.
tapi still calls me 'ayaaa, yaaaaaaaaaaaa'. =.=
lepas tu, kalau webcam dengan dia, mesti dia akan angguk-angguk kepala.
thara dah tinggi!!!!
dah besarrr!!~
rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sangat!!!!

and and there's zahra, adik rizq and wafriy.
kussss semangat!
comel jugak~

ish malam-malam ni berborak tentang anak buah pula.
tapi sumpah rindu dorang.

these are the pictures from skype.
tapi kecil jer.

sambung buat language awareness or tidur?
i choose the latter.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

narrative and poetry.

salam and hello all!
i'm soooo nottttt in the mood to study and writing my assignments.
i want to blogggggggggggggggggggggggg~
yeah baby!!
encik blog, i want to write about my elective subject here.
which is; narrative and poetry.
jadi tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.
my elective is certainly not the coolest subject in marjon.
very the clear kan? cam skema gila je for those who took up this elective.
whatever it is, i enrolled in the course it and im satisfied with it for the past one month.
we've been reading james joyce's and jane austen's work.
it was scary to hear the point of view from the locals here. 
they see things differently than us.
for example, we are taught to read between the lines but not to the extent that one could say that the address written in the novel was associated with the country's condition.
at first, my friends and i were shocked to hear these kind of opinions but as time goes by, we are used to it.
and we sometimes make fun of it.
and surprisingly, our lecturer never rejected our ideas, even the mosttttttttttttt stupid ideas given by us, he'll consider about it, he'll give comments on the ideas so on and so forth.
in a way, our lecturer is quite okay laa as he accepted almost all of our ideas. ;)
this way, he encourages us to speak out and projecting our ideas.
in contrast with my situation back in malaysia during my foundation year.
during my english studies lesson (basically, it's literature), one of my lecturer finds it hard to accept other answer and we needed to stick with one answer only, which was obviously hers. HAHA.
dan saya as the student jahat, will always talked back, as in trying to give my opinion, but of course lah, she rejected my ideas.
that was one of the reasons, i found it hard to study literature and to tell you the truth, i was not keen to answer my final examinations paper for literature as im scared my lecturer won't accept my answer.
that was then, this is now.
Alhamdulillah, i passed and im already here.
after a while, i realised that i missed my literature lecturer whom i always 'melawan' itu.
hahah! itu lah, 'appreciate what's in front of you, you might regret losing them later!'
haa amek kau nad! setepek kena!
apa-apa pun, i just want to emphasize here.
apa ek yang hendak di'emphasize'kan itu?
1. the style of teaching here is completely different from what we have in malaysia.
2. i love both my KB and Marjon lecturers.

and yeah, i need to finish two novels but i just managed to finish sebijik saja!
which is 'the remains of the day'.
oh my, you should read the novel.
sangat 'menarik'! hahaha.
and the other one would be 'felicia's journey'.
another 'mind-blowing' novel which i can't finished.
speaking bout reading, actually, i need to gather and read 4-5 articles which of course, i havent done it yet.
so, this is one excuse for not doing my work! hahah~
this entry is kinda melalut juga~
but it turns out to be okay kot!

so maybe, maybe.
i should read a bit of felicia's journey or better, jadikan dia as my bedtime story!
till then.


selamat petang semua!
entri kali ini dalam bahasa kebangsaan kita ye.
apa tujuan entri kali ini?
saya hendak menceritakan pengalaman saya yang telah berada selama sebulan di plymouth.
seperti yang saya katakan sebelum ini, bandar plymouth seperti bandar kota bharu yang sangat indah, aman, tenteram (kecuali jumaat malam, di mana muda-mudi berpesta dan menjadi mabuk sehingga mengganggu ketenteraman kami sebagi penduduk perkampungan pelajar marjon)
selain itu, segala macam perkhidmatan di plymouth boleh dikategorikan sebagai kelas pertama.
mereka memberi layanan yang terbaik buat semua pelanggan. (kecuali sesetengah tempat yang tiada sikap menghormati pelanggan)
suasana pembelajaran di sini juga sangat kondusif kerana pensyarah berusaha untuk mengenali kami semua dan begitu berdedikasi mengajar kami tanpa jemu dengan pelbagai kaedah menarik.
saya suka tinggal di plymouth.

kejadian 1.
kotak televisyen di sini menyiarkan berita tentang..
tentang agama saya, Islam.
tentulah mereka menyebear berita yang hampir keseluruhannya adalah penipuan semata-mata sahaja!
ini tidak adil!
baiklah, lanjutan dari kisah itu, petang pada hari yang sama berita itu disiarkan, saya dan beberapa orang kawan saya hendak ke central park. 
disebabkan bas yang kami naiki hanya berhenti di hospital, jadi kami terpaksa berjalan kaki ke sana.
alkisahnya, kami semuanya bertudung kecuali si kangga. 
dari arah bertentangan kami, ada sebuah kereta meluncur laju, sebaik sahaja mereka nampak kelibat kami, pemandu kereta berkenaan menghon kuat-kuat sambil menunjukkan tanda f*** itu.
kami terkedu seketika. 

kejadian 2.
hana dan saya pergi ke bandar hari ini untuk berjalan-jalan dan mencar barang.
kami memasuki sebuah kedai pakaian yang agak berjenama di pusat membeli-belah drake circus.
sedang elok kami membelek baju-baju di dalam kedai itu, lalulah dua orang lelaki asing di sebelah kami.
salah seorang dar mereka menuturkan perkataan f**k ketika lalu di sebelah kami.
kami terkedu lagi.

kejadian 3.
berlaku pada hana dan saya ketika kami sedang berjalan menuju ke salah sebuah kedai barang terpakai/kebajikan.
seorang lelaki pertengahan umur yang lalu di sebelah kami seakan-akan menuturkan kata-kata yang tidak enak di dengar telinga kami.
sekali lagi, kami terkedu.

kenapa kami?
adakah kerana kami bertudung?
adakah kerana kami beragama Islam?
peliklah dengan sikap segelintir masyarakat yang masih tidak tahu menilai sesuatu perkara dan yang tidak menghormati hak asasi seorang manusia.
kami juga punya hati dan perasaan.
adakah susah untuk meminta kamu semua menghormati agama dan pegangan kami?
sesungguhnya, hana dan saya berasa amat kecewa dan berduka di atas kejadian ini.
kami TRAUMA.
kami takut untuk keluar bersendirian.
tetapi Allah sentiasa ada bersama-sama kami.
insyaAllah, Dia akan melindungi kami dan memberi kami kekuatan.
berusaha Nad!!
jangan takut dan gentar akan semua itu.
bertenang sajalah~
bukankah kamu ada rakan-rakan di sini yang akan membantu kamu melalui semua itu.
jadi, jangan patah semangat ye?

(pheeewww! lega kerana berjaya menaip dalam bahasa kebangsaan yang lengkap walaupun tatabahasa amatlah hodoh!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

the hoe.

hey ya all~
forgot to inform you all!
my Dell is back to normal!
aku sayang kau Dell!
lain kali jangan ngada-ngada nak rosak okay?

the hoe!
plymouth's main attraction and a-must-go-place if you come here.
the hoe is actually a very big space near the sea and it just took us about 10 minutes walk from the royal parade bas station to go there. pssst: the 10 minutes excludes our camwhoring session, mind you.
there's this lighthouse. 
then, a some sort of memorial place for the navy men of britain. they have a space where they put up the names of the royal navy men of britain!
cool kan?

 ada Malaya juga!

logik la kan? as Malaya was once conquered by this great Empire. :)
the space is large enough for us to bergolek-golek dari atas bukit ke bawah!
can you imagine that?
the green field is sooooooooooo scenic.
and and there's a path for us to walk all the way form the hoe to the barbican.
the barbican is basically where they have the yachts, and boats.
oh yeah, and for you info, plymouth is also well-known for their ports?? 
i don't have any idea bout it, just heard it from my friends.
so yeah, plymouth is famous for its port. :p

this pic ade 10 snap! can you just imagine?

 so, sebagai people yang akan stay here for the next 3 years, wajib lah pergi the hoe kan?
after much discussion with my beloved friends, we decided to go there on the 9th of october 2010.
that was like....2 weeks ago! teeheeeeeee~
sorry, no lappy to update maahh~ :p
there were 9 of us.
kangga (the only boy), hana, ada, nik, yah, ummi, yein, aisyah and nad! yeah!
the plan was to have a pot-luck party (?) picnic over there.
hana and i buat jemput-jemput2 bodoh jer. ;)
the others, meriah makk aiiii!

di mana ada camera, di situlah kami.


itu itu.

lighthouse tu! wajib amik gambar rasanya if datang sini. ;)
 saturday morning tu, it was very windy and cloudy!
and we were worried tau.
manalah tahu kan, if hujan all of a sudden!
tak ke payah?
takkan nak picnic kat drake circus kan?
but Alhamdulillah!
windy saja, it didn't rain pun.
by the way, mode of transportation, tentulah first bus with free ticket! :)

jemput makan!

we had fun that day!
hundreds of pics were captured as memories for the day.
best kan?
we talked, tour the hoe and the barbican sendiri.
we laughed like crazy people and shamelessly ask the local to take our pics.
the best among all was i realized i have friends that i can trust with my whole life!
cayalah korang!!!

really hope that we could go on trips like this next time.

kawan sampai mati. ahhaha.

-the end-

Thursday, October 21, 2010

hanging on?

lots of things happen in a blink of an eye!
everything changes!
everything movessssssssssss~

i din even get the chance to say goodbye! :'(
life is pathetic for me for the last two days.
everything seems wrong everywhere.
is it my mistake that i let myself to be involved in such matters?
so hang in there Nad.
Allah knows best.
He'll fix everything for you.
and continue to smile and struggle to live this life.
if they can do it, so can you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

la tahzan~

the title said it all.
jangan bersedih.
don't be sad.
la tahzan~

sekarang ni kan musim orang jiwa kacau.
maybe not all, but i know a few of them. (including diri ini) hahaha
jadi rakan-rakan, jangan la bersedih.
we have each other!

kalau kamu bersedih, i'll suffer more.
kita kan jauh sekarang ni?
takkan nak sedih-sedih kan?
everything will be fine.
just like what it used to be.
pray hard that you'll get whatever you desire the most.
but remember, don't ever give up!
Allah tidak suka umatNya yang mudah berputus asa~

S.M.I.L.E. !!

Monday, October 18, 2010

count on me.

told you so!
this is the second post for tonight!
makin gila dengan blog!!
yippiie huraaayyy hooooooooo~

this post is dedicated to my beloved friends.
saya kan sayang kawan!
saja je la, actually, kawan baik saya yang cantik, fatin raihana, duk tag lagu bruno mars ini.
sorry, saya tatau when this song was released.
i may be the last person to know bout it.
the title of the song is as above.
count on me.
sweet kan tajuk??
lagunya lagi sweet woo.
sila layan ye lagu ini!
wajib wajib!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


comel tak Nad? eh salah, comel tak bear tu? ini gambar volunteer, tunggu laptop elok ye? nanti upload banyak lagi! :)

what a week!!!
penat layan emosi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sangat tidak stabil.

there is still no solution for my laptop.
encik hard disk tak tiba-tiba lagi.
ni guna lappy hana.
(tebalkan muka lagi wooo)
tapi sebab nak update blog!
layan saja.
luckily, handphone yang abg mat bagi tu berfungsi gila!
laju saja guna wifi marjon~
ni yang nak sayang marjon and handphone tu lebey.
mampulah saya nak online kan?
cek email, fb, twitter, even learning space marjon pun lepas!
blog saja yang payah sikit.
but overall, im satisfied la.
(walaupun kau besar bagaikan kalkulator, aku tetap cinta padamu e61i!)

then, ada pula masalah jiwa yang lain!
kenapa mesti menuding jari terhadap orang lain?
sedangkan kita harus cerminkan diri kita dahulu.
if you get what i mean.
jangan lah sesuka hati je salahkan orang, lepas itu, mengadu pada orang lain.
it's embarrassing laa wei!
you're a grown up!!!
(okay Nad, tak boleh kurang ajar, tapi hello!!)
i know im wrong, but at least, tell me face to face, no need to convey it through others kan?
sebagaimana awak kecil hati, saya kecil hati juga.
let it be.
time will heal everything.

ada apa-apa tak puas hati tak?
tak kot.
but a reminder to myself, sila berjimat-cermat mulai sekarang!!!
kamu kena simpan duit!!
kalau tidak, lingkuplah wei!!

oh my!
baru perasan!
i got lots to talk about~ seronoknya!!
this means, blog akan kembali aktif, tapi still kena tunggu lappy sehat.

encik lappy, cepat sihat ye?
please please.
i miss you.