Friday, October 22, 2010

the hoe.

hey ya all~
forgot to inform you all!
my Dell is back to normal!
aku sayang kau Dell!
lain kali jangan ngada-ngada nak rosak okay?

the hoe!
plymouth's main attraction and a-must-go-place if you come here.
the hoe is actually a very big space near the sea and it just took us about 10 minutes walk from the royal parade bas station to go there. pssst: the 10 minutes excludes our camwhoring session, mind you.
there's this lighthouse. 
then, a some sort of memorial place for the navy men of britain. they have a space where they put up the names of the royal navy men of britain!
cool kan?

 ada Malaya juga!

logik la kan? as Malaya was once conquered by this great Empire. :)
the space is large enough for us to bergolek-golek dari atas bukit ke bawah!
can you imagine that?
the green field is sooooooooooo scenic.
and and there's a path for us to walk all the way form the hoe to the barbican.
the barbican is basically where they have the yachts, and boats.
oh yeah, and for you info, plymouth is also well-known for their ports?? 
i don't have any idea bout it, just heard it from my friends.
so yeah, plymouth is famous for its port. :p

this pic ade 10 snap! can you just imagine?

 so, sebagai people yang akan stay here for the next 3 years, wajib lah pergi the hoe kan?
after much discussion with my beloved friends, we decided to go there on the 9th of october 2010.
that was like....2 weeks ago! teeheeeeeee~
sorry, no lappy to update maahh~ :p
there were 9 of us.
kangga (the only boy), hana, ada, nik, yah, ummi, yein, aisyah and nad! yeah!
the plan was to have a pot-luck party (?) picnic over there.
hana and i buat jemput-jemput2 bodoh jer. ;)
the others, meriah makk aiiii!

di mana ada camera, di situlah kami.


itu itu.

lighthouse tu! wajib amik gambar rasanya if datang sini. ;)
 saturday morning tu, it was very windy and cloudy!
and we were worried tau.
manalah tahu kan, if hujan all of a sudden!
tak ke payah?
takkan nak picnic kat drake circus kan?
but Alhamdulillah!
windy saja, it didn't rain pun.
by the way, mode of transportation, tentulah first bus with free ticket! :)

jemput makan!

we had fun that day!
hundreds of pics were captured as memories for the day.
best kan?
we talked, tour the hoe and the barbican sendiri.
we laughed like crazy people and shamelessly ask the local to take our pics.
the best among all was i realized i have friends that i can trust with my whole life!
cayalah korang!!!

really hope that we could go on trips like this next time.

kawan sampai mati. ahhaha.

-the end-

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