Sunday, October 24, 2010

narrative and poetry.

salam and hello all!
i'm soooo nottttt in the mood to study and writing my assignments.
i want to blogggggggggggggggggggggggg~
yeah baby!!
encik blog, i want to write about my elective subject here.
which is; narrative and poetry.
jadi tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.
my elective is certainly not the coolest subject in marjon.
very the clear kan? cam skema gila je for those who took up this elective.
whatever it is, i enrolled in the course it and im satisfied with it for the past one month.
we've been reading james joyce's and jane austen's work.
it was scary to hear the point of view from the locals here. 
they see things differently than us.
for example, we are taught to read between the lines but not to the extent that one could say that the address written in the novel was associated with the country's condition.
at first, my friends and i were shocked to hear these kind of opinions but as time goes by, we are used to it.
and we sometimes make fun of it.
and surprisingly, our lecturer never rejected our ideas, even the mosttttttttttttt stupid ideas given by us, he'll consider about it, he'll give comments on the ideas so on and so forth.
in a way, our lecturer is quite okay laa as he accepted almost all of our ideas. ;)
this way, he encourages us to speak out and projecting our ideas.
in contrast with my situation back in malaysia during my foundation year.
during my english studies lesson (basically, it's literature), one of my lecturer finds it hard to accept other answer and we needed to stick with one answer only, which was obviously hers. HAHA.
dan saya as the student jahat, will always talked back, as in trying to give my opinion, but of course lah, she rejected my ideas.
that was one of the reasons, i found it hard to study literature and to tell you the truth, i was not keen to answer my final examinations paper for literature as im scared my lecturer won't accept my answer.
that was then, this is now.
Alhamdulillah, i passed and im already here.
after a while, i realised that i missed my literature lecturer whom i always 'melawan' itu.
hahah! itu lah, 'appreciate what's in front of you, you might regret losing them later!'
haa amek kau nad! setepek kena!
apa-apa pun, i just want to emphasize here.
apa ek yang hendak di'emphasize'kan itu?
1. the style of teaching here is completely different from what we have in malaysia.
2. i love both my KB and Marjon lecturers.

and yeah, i need to finish two novels but i just managed to finish sebijik saja!
which is 'the remains of the day'.
oh my, you should read the novel.
sangat 'menarik'! hahaha.
and the other one would be 'felicia's journey'.
another 'mind-blowing' novel which i can't finished.
speaking bout reading, actually, i need to gather and read 4-5 articles which of course, i havent done it yet.
so, this is one excuse for not doing my work! hahah~
this entry is kinda melalut juga~
but it turns out to be okay kot!

so maybe, maybe.
i should read a bit of felicia's journey or better, jadikan dia as my bedtime story!
till then.


the Haz-one said...

hv u ever read Ha'Penny?

nadiahs said...

i'll read Photo nanti tau~
and ill give u the analysis~