Sunday, June 5, 2011


assalammualaikum and hi people!
i'm back.

*the only reason i'm writing this is because i can't crack my head in doing my assignments*
alhamdulillah, i am still breathing on His soil.
i am alive to witness and experience the sweet and bitter events occurring around me lately. 

i guess He chose me so that i'll become stronger?
maybe, insyaAllah!

so, what's new?
it's June peepssssss!
i'm counting days to go home.

to be with my family, to be away from all these.
*these include assignments!*

i'm currently stuck with my assignments (ELT and LL)
the due date jauhhhh lagi.
but me wanting to be the nice girl, wishes to starts my work early and not being a procrastinator, but unfortunately, my neuron system in brains x function this weekend! 
sorry dear, can't do it now.
maybe later ELT and LL! :D

oh yeah, i got myself something.
i think the most expensive one that i've ever purchased since i'm here and surprisingly, it isn't iphone.
bye bye iphone!

my new love. 
bought it with my sayang last two weeks. :)

yesterday, 25 of us went to Clarks Village to shop.
but silly me, i can't find anything there albeit there are more than 90 outlets there.
dushh Nad!
mana passion awak untuk bershopping?!

maybe because i spent hundreds even before going to Clarks Village.
*and this excludes my SAMSUNG*
but the experience was nice.
i could always bring my family and friends there if they ever come to visit me here.

currently, i'm addicted with my own twitter account.
sorry for those who's following me, spamming your timeline with my words and phrases.

just bear with me will you?

just as the title, this post is meaningless.
i don't feel meaningless because i believe every cloud has it's silver lining.
and i'm sure all of us could overcome our problems if we try.
percubaan tak kan menampakkan kebodohan kita. :)

ada orang kata:

pengalaman hidup adalah ujian paling susah bagi sesetengah kita
jadi, bersabarlah dalam pengalaman hidup ni

let others behave immaturely
but we have to stand up and behave maturely

thank you, will always remember that.
told ya, this entry is meaningless. :)