Friday, November 5, 2010

SBE datang lagi!

salam and hello people!
saya lagi!
(tentulah kan? this is my blog!)

seperti yang semua maklum.
im a teacher-to-be.
of course lah, every teacher trainee needs to go for School Based Experience (SBE)
to observe how the school works.
to observe the teachers.
to observe the students.
serba-serbi la!

i first went for SBE back at kelantan during my last semester of foundation.
please click here and here.

and since UCP MARJON is famous for its excellence in training teachers,
sudah semestinya, we will have our SBE too!!
and we, the first years will be having our SBE starting next week; every Tuesday it is.
for the first three weeks, we'll go to primary school and the other two weeks will be allocated for secondary school.

we are divided into a few groups.
my group consists of hafidzatun nadwa, safwan, may and me!

wawa aka kekasih saya. :')

safwan aka leader KB.

may aka kL girl.

our school is Thornbury Primary School which is only 7-minute walk from our campus.
best kan?

wawa, safwan and i went to our school yesterday to check things out.
so far, all is well.
it is a small institution with only 247 students!

basically, i can't wait for my first SBE here.
hopefully, it will be okay.

mana pictures safwan?
penat aku bergaya dengan wawa that day!

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