Friday, February 26, 2010

SE at smk tanjong mas. ^.^

SE @ school experience.
the most awaited moment for me.
for two weeks.
ill be observing the environment, teachers, students bla bla bla at the school appointed by the secretariat.
smk tanjong mas is where ill be heading along with Mages, Husna and May.
i cant wait for it.
this is like the first time im going to experience the real life as a teacher.
not too extreme.
observer je nad.
but still.
meaningful you know.
plz exclude the activities with dabong's students.
we already got our task for SE.
field notes.
n the list goes on.

but but.
the exciting part:
am able to spend money to buy new things.

the stuff:
new handbag.
new heels.
*sponsored by my beloved bro-in-law*

the hard-cover-not-so-expensive notebook tat i just bought.
new tudung!
very thick skin socks.
new pen too!
see how excited am i to go there?

so so.
i hope.
this will be one of my most precious experience in school.
hopes everything goes well.


Zura Azhar said...

gudluck utk akak yg biological age nye 19 :)
aja aja fighting!

nadiahs said...

time kasih naz!