Thursday, February 25, 2010


am trying really hard to face it.
am a coward.
i listen to many perceptions bout it.
but still.
i cant decide which one to do.
it all seems so complicated.
i know am an over-sensitive-type of person.
(at least. tat's wat am thinking bout myself)
wat do you think?

am i a possessive kind of gurl ?
am i a low self-confidence ?
i just want to protect it.
wat's mine is mine.
and it will never be yours.
but in order to do tat.
i must confront you first.
i dun hv the courage to talk bout it.
or is it bcoz am trying hard to care bout others while they dun realised my feelings?
(emo ko ni nad)

or am i overdoing it?
people dun care bout it.
or people DUN mind bout it.
mayb it's easy for them to share it.
but im not them.

p/s: i dun like sharing.
i will try to protect it.

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