Tuesday, February 2, 2010

beautyNbeast. :)

I was made to be with you,
I've no reason to live without you,
like Stevie without Wonder,
like hunger without food,
like sheep without a shepherd,
Sleep without your message.

Oh, my love,
You are my breathe,
bring me wealth,
and prosper to my health.

My love for you is big,
and enormous,
Higher than mountains,
Deeper than seas.

When I first meet you at the meat market,
I saw you holding a shiny saw,
A saw that is not sharp and not blunt.

You are my fate,
my destiny,
You are my final destination.
When I gave you a red rose,
You rose,
and we exchange out vow and oath.

I will build a building for you,
a beautiful castle,
as a symbol of love,
I'll be your king,
and you'll be my queen.

The End.

p/s: ldes grup work.

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