Monday, February 8, 2010


we had our weekly gathering at the musolla.
prayed together.
had our ydp jpp to give a talk.
the title was 'Amanah & Tanggungjawab'.
the sharing session was fun.
&& it made me reflect my life here.
here at ip.
long n winding journey for me.
did it successfully turn me to be a mature person?
*dun think so*

sem 1 (budak skema)
-new people.
-new environment.
-a POST!
-did a BIG mistake back then.
-was hated by most people.
-the ones who stood for me said: itu amanah Allah nad. wat je.
-wat's done is done.
-regretted it.
-but after listening to ydp tonite, i realised tat it was my duty to do it.
-to be honest, i was haunted by my past (the thing tat i did)

sem 2 (peristiwa berdarah@peristiwa hitam)
-am nobody here.
-zero post, zero anything. nada. nil.
-shud i say, unfortunately, i became the pm for the trip.
-the so-called-mj2-most-disastrous trip eva.
-did i make the wrong decision?
-did i follow wat my heart o head?
-regretted it too.
-tot i did it for the welfare of all.
-again, wat's done is done.
-my name was tarnished? correct tk adj ni?
-no more post after this.

sem 3 (sem mencabar keimanan)
-did MOV staging.
-realised the true colours of the people around me.
-not many things happend.
-is it because i was nothing there?
-mayb mayb

sem 4 (???)
-i kept and still is keeping quiet.
-quite quiet.
-still has some responsibility to be carried out.
-am doing it.
-pray for me as this is my last sem.

did i carried out my responsibilities well?
did i manage to do it?
did i take the rite path?
n think.

p/s: tersemngat pasl ydp ckp tu cm best je.


Anonymous said...

banyk g mase .. leh je jd baik.. beside.. u r a good gurl right :)

nadiahs said...

thank u ye..
harap2 arr betul itu..
am i a gud gurl?
*still thinking*

nur shuhada binti miskin said...

sem 4, quiet???
ye ke??
hurm..nk pkir dulu...muahhaaha

nadiahs said...

ye arr..
konon2 nye nak senyap dr jwtn2 ngeng..

steamira said...

hope smgt smpi ble²~ hihi