Monday, March 15, 2010


there's this story.
in SMK Tanjong Mas.
i think i shud write it here.
in case i forget bout it nnt.
in the requirement for the portfolio.
we were asked to observe another class besides english class.
on the second last day.
mages n i menapak la ke blok pendidikan khas which is located just below our SAL room.
we roamed around the block after we had the permission from the teachers.

they had their mini assembly.
i guess they had it every morning with their teachers.
they would line up according to their group.
&& the teachers would ask them to straighten up their line.
the teachers would ensure that they wear proper uniform too.
after that.
they would recite morning prayer lead by one of them.

the weird thing was.
when i looked at them
i could see normal students.
they looked normal.
i wondered.
what actually was wrong with them.

mages n i chose to go to PK6's class.
all of them looked really like normal kids.
off we went.
they were very nice.
not rude.
very friendly.

a pretty teacher entered.
ms narimah name nye.
englisg period.
we tagged along the lesson.
the students gave their fullest attention.
(okay. they did played a bit, but it's their nature la)
they tried to answer the q given.

the lesson ended.
& seriously.
it was the best day of my life.
being in the special education class.
they were the best students i've ever meet.

why they are called special education students:
they hv learning disability.
slow learner or sumthing like that.

why i adore them as students:
they were polite.
they gave attention.
& they tried hard.

i really think.
if they were given the chance to be normal students.
they would use this opportunity to be the best n would not waste it like the other normal students.

morning assembly.

betulkan tie awk tu.
cantik kan tulisan?
kemas aje.
ni students nye.

ms narimah n PK6 students.

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