Saturday, March 20, 2010


not in the mood to write my essay although i need to submit it this week + we're having presentation bout it TOMORO!
so here i am.
writing bout MANNER.

last friday.
b4 i went back to my bro's place.
i spent some time + money at MITC with my sis.
got sale from metrojaya.
banyak gile kot brg yg agak murah.
my sis also nak beli something.
so i accompanied her la.
i helped her to choose a few baju.
ntah mcm mane ntah.
i terlanggar one lady ni.
she was behind me.
i quickly said.
'sorry sorry. sorry ek'
she on the other hand.
gave me a 'tat' kind of look and said.
'Ya Allah'.
mmg la gud to say Ya Allah.
but the tone was so horrible.
i guessed the hidden meaning was.
'eh, bdak ni sesuka ati je langgar aku'
i cannot judge other people.
but with tat lady i know she meant sumthing else.
even her fren pun cm pelik je tgk she said like tat to me.

then then.
kat airport td.
i was waiting for my luggage kat tmpt pick up tu.
the one next standing to me was a girl from a very famous M**M in PC.
all of a sudden.
a big luggage dropped from the 'pusing-pusing' thingy where we picked up our bags.
it dropped in front of the girl.
guess wat?
she just stared at the bag as if nothing happened.
&& the bag was rite in front of her eyes.
die leh tgk je.
ape hal dak ni?
so i casually asked her.
'is tat yours?'
she answered.
so i just picked the big luggage n put it back on the 'pusing-pusing' thingy.

please la.
dun just stand and stare.
some people belongings are actually in front of you.
tolong la sket.
bkn nye penat pun.

&& to the lady.
i said sorry okay.
no need for you to give me tat dirty look.

p/s: mind you manner.


the Haz-one said...

in dis kind of world, sumtimes being good is considerd bad. hurmm..myb dat lil girl frm skul nearby was juz staring at dat bag bcoz she is afraid dat another makcik will accuse her of stealing. rite?;s good to b observant. coz sumtimes being observant will make us reflect on ourself n others.

p/s: im nt saying u r wrong. yes, both ladies in yr stories hv less manner. the old lady is da worst, but dat girl, mayb she has a reason~~hihihi..teach her a lesson!

nadiahs said...

point taken.
mayb mayb.
ha'ah ek?
seb bek sy tk kene tuduh.
tp kan.
cm ramai org je kat ctu.
tp pape pun.
u're rite.

tk old sgt kot.
around 27?