Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tersenyum kembali.

actually am so happy today.
finished my presentation at last.
we had it just now.
started at 8.00 pm till 9.45pm.
only those who havent presented were there.
i actually had fun presenting my research paper.
it went smoothly.
i did stutter a bit.
but hey.
tat's fine.
and we were accompanied with the little insects that went inside our shirt and pants.
some of us were practically dancing while presenting.
i had fun camwhoring with wa too.

&& after that.
at 10 pm.
most of us went to the secretariat to 'help' mdm nori with our application forms.
actually, jen je yg the only one who did the work.
we came to entertain mdm n jen only.

mdm belanja us benjo.
the best part was.
our application forms had been successfully submitted to the marjon people in UK.
thank God.

all in all.
today was not a bad day.
am happy.
am smiling.
n i hope it will last forever.

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