Sunday, March 28, 2010

you're the one.

you're the one.
you're the one.
(petikan lagu hindustan)

here's the thing.
8 am must be in the class.
with luggage.
& here i am.
still in front of my lappy.
doing unnecessary things.
am not the type yg pack things awal2.
bosan la.
tk thrill.

read my frens' blog.
it seems like they hv many topics to talk about.
mcm junk aje sume ni.

tk pe.
i write for my own pleasure.
kekdg bc old post.
leh tergelak sorang2 kot.
&& some comments given were inspiring.
tak de la membazir i write.

lagi apa lagi?
tak de pe kot.
tu je.

see ya in SARAWAK ~
hopes everything goes well.

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