Tuesday, January 18, 2011


assalammualaikum people!
today mahu menulis juga!
pasal apa?

what numbers?
alaaa, benda alah yang people used to play in FB tu.

you give one number to your friends, then they will describe you through their status.
and the best things is; only you and that person knows the number.
since i'm not playing it secara besar-besaran and only gave my numbers to a few people, so i got back 3 numbers. :)
and malas nak buat status.
here goes!

one cute girl who is quite clumsy and blur
i always make fun of her pronunciation. (macam laa kau sebut betul sangat Nad!)
she is HOT! and sweet and kind and loves to help people.
i think she once hated me for one particular reason, but that was then.
i'm not that close with this girl till one incidence that changed our opinion on friendship.
she showed me that i need to share my love with others and not being possessive. 
i'm still trying dear. and since that day, we became best friends. 
oppsss. we have one term for our relationship.
she is my full time other half. :)
now, i can tell all my secrets with her.
i love hanging out with her, and the most important thing is, i love her.

crazy! outrageous! hot! cute!
okay, i planned to describe her with one word, but i ended up with four.
one amazing girl but still, very sensitive one.
she isn't my best friend, she's more than that.
at first, i was quite blur with this girl's attitude.
kejap okay, kejap confusing.
sometimes, i get angry with her atas sebab tak logik.
we shared so many things in the past two years.
some of my darkest secrets are with her.
some of hers too. (i guess)
dia sangaaaaaaaaatttt baikkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
we did crazy things, she helped me a lot if i'm sad.
she's one good advisor tooooooo!
marjon! marjon!!! *sambil pegang bahu masing-masing*
i missed her!

this girl is pretty, with lots of admirers.
waktu zaman tok kaduk,
i was like: 'apa kena dengan budak ni?' as she talked in a way that i don't really prefer.
but as time goes by, i get used to it and tak kisah pun as she was once a debator, pemidato sekolah.
she has her own style in expressing herself.
one thing for sure is, she is one of the people that i can't wait to see if there were any presentations.
ada style gitu.
i'm not so close with her until recently.
sekarang lebih boleh get along lebih baik! 
one of my closest buddy now!
she is matured for her age compared to me. (malu saya laaahhh)
and i'm proud to be her friend.
sayang awak!


iNSan biASa said...

nad sudah mkin rajin berblogging/... yeah! go nad.. truskn.. hehe

nadiahs said...

ayein: alhamdulillah! ni sume sebab bosan and tgk korang duk berblog la ni~~