Sunday, January 16, 2011

pengalaman indah 1.

assalammualaikum people!
hey yaaaaaaa!

at last, i have the spirit to write again! 
:) alhamdulillah! thanks to Him for guiding me.
nak tulis blog pun malas, apatah lagi assignment.
tak gitu Nad?

kenapa pengalaman indah tajuknya?
because i miss home very much.
so i want to scribble down the memories that i had in maktab, house, with friends and foes. 
and why '1'?
because this is the first one lah!
there'll be others too.
insyaAllah, hopefully, i'll have the will and ilham to write it down.

and which memory would be the lucky one?
there are zillionsssssssssss that i'll remember, but this particular one, i chose as i just reminiscing it with my dear hana.

language games during tesl camp 2009!

there were lots of activities during tesl camp.
and each IPG was asked to organize/handle an activities.
my maktab was selected to organize the language games, in collaboration with I4P. (until now, tak sure camna nak eja name IPG mereka. sorry!)

thus, our journey started!
we did the contacting via phone with I4P's representative.
aduh makkk aiii!
obviously, we had different opinion in handling this stuff.
when we suggested A, they wanted B.
at one point, ummi and i (since we were the in charge) sangat la bengang.
but alhamdulillah, all went well.
we discussed thoroughly, exchanged information on this and that.
trying to set up the place by imagining it. HAHA.
the marjonians even had the trial and error session.
and our seniors; cohort 5 students helped us with that.
thank you dear seniors!
basically, we had it all in our hands.
the materials, the instruction, the movements, the people in charge for each activities.
semua dah ready.
but, Allah is the Almighty!
kalau He wants it to happen, walau bagaimana preparednya kita, something will happen juga akhirnya!

the same case happened with our language games.  
the game was scheduled in the evening, around 4.00 pm.
earlier that morning, all of us went to the respective schools to feel the school's environment in Kedah.
we did some activities with them and we had fun.

depan sekolah.


makan saja!

my sayangs.

after that, dalam bas, adalah a few kejadian berlaku.
and it turned out to be yang our bus had some problems with the air-cond/engine.
we were supposed to go for the pekan rabu sight-seeing.
at that time, memanglah gelabah!
will we ever made it?
eventually, our bus sampai balik at our camp, but ummi and i skipped the tour as we volunteered to stay, in case, there were things to be done with the venue, etc before the activities started.
jadinya, ummi and i slept waktu tengahari tu.
hampeh. =.='
around 3.30pm/4.00pm, we were ready at the venue for our language games activities.
dah check dah all the things, semuanya okay.
the other students pun dah sampai and they started to gather for the language games activities.
I4P's team was ready too.

masalahnya, mana marjon IPKB?
they were not here!

then, we received a phone call saying that our bus rosak di tengah-tengah pekan!
and pak cik driver was finding workshop to fix it.
Ya Allah, berdegup laju jantungku.
rasa nak tercabut saja.
our fellow friends were waiting.
I4P's team was waiting too.

at last, ummi and i decided that the language games should start without the IPKB's station.
i was disappointed, frustrated, kecewa, depressed!
why la happen to us?
and in in front of hundreds of people and lecturers??
and there were only ummi and i (IPKB people).
we tried calling them hundreds of time! (hyperbole jer)
they said, 'we're on our way'
and the game already started!

then, we saw them.
we saw our fellow marjonians!
getting off from the bus, taking out the materials for the games.
and they rushed to the venue which was actually situated at the top of the hill. =.='
tangganya banyak!
and i saw with my own eyes, they ran.
they ran with their heels on/off.
they looked tired, but they ran.
and i cried.
saya menangis.
saya sedih and kesian tengok sahabat-sahabat saya berlari bersungguh-sungguh to reach the place.
and as soon as they arrived, dengan termengah-mengahnya, they set up their stations, and continue with the games.
SEDIH okay?
mereka sungguh bersemangat!!!

and alhamdulillah!
the games went well.

in fact, they did a wonderful, great (korang letak semua adjective yang best-best) job!
although they were tired, sweating, panas, badan melekit-lekit, mereka buat juga!
i was and still is very proud of them.

apalah function kami berdua di situ without the other 25 marjonians?
we're one when we're together.
together we work to achieve great things in our life.
(okay melalut dah)

satu luahan perasaan berjaya!

jadi, inilah dia entri for tonight!

cantik-cantik dan kacak-kacak.

p/s: waktu language games, no pics! mana nak tangkap gambar, semuanya kelam-kabut!
thanks for the sweet memories guys!
credits to mages for these pics.


iNSan biASa said...

i was one of the marjonians yang lari2 itu... peh!!! tangga yang tinggi.. sambil berlari2 naik membawa bahan2 tuk language game tu.. dgn tawakal yang menggunung berlari menuju k dewan itu tnpa ragu2... pgsalaman ngeri yet penuh makna... =) kan nad???

nadiahs said...

ayein sayang: yes. kamu antara mereka itu. :) tawakal tanpa ragu2. nice one! hahah ye laa, sume pikir nak smpai ke dewan tu jer! :)
sangat bermakne! i'll treasure it for the rest of my life ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! aku nangis kot bce post ni..
gler touching... i dun know when will we be like this again??

nadiahs said...

jihah sayangku: insyaAllah jihah. kita leh jadi cm ni~ sekarang pun kan kite cm ni? boleh nye! yakin yakin!
jadikan apa yg berlaku lalu sebagai pengajaran kita buat masa ini~ :) tak gtu?

sokong sangat!


Anonymous said...

i like!
ok!xtau n cpk pa dh sbb like this entry sgt2!!
i surely will cherish this sweetest moment till the last breath:)


nadiahs said...

hana comel: insyaAllah. doa la sama2 kita jadi yg lebey baik dr yg ni. yg ni baek dahhh. lebey baik kaaaaaann! :) <3

ummi said...

hehehhee.. time tu nad nanges!!
lex2 lu.. kita p toilet menenangjkan diri..
even so.. now we realize yg mnde tuh sume dpt menguatkan ikatan kita suma.. amin.. n hope this will long lasting dear.
luv u all!! ^^