Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Assalammualaikum and Hi people.

Hari ini topic ialah words.
I wanna talk on how words can affect you, be it positive or negative ones.

I love soothing words, who doesn't?
But what if the words could kill you softly? Inside and out?
What will you do?

I experienced both today.
Mostly the negative ones.
Heartbreaking peeps when you just lose your motivation and will to carry on with your activities when someone ruined it, just for you.
I learned that I need to cope with it ASAP because it could cause me trouble if I keep going on.
When this happened, I can't focus and will feel scared. Adoii. Payahhh.

The positive ones?
It can make me smile all day long.
And I'll store it in my mind forever. :-)

Can you see the differences?
When we talk about negative aspect, we would have so much to tell, but the positive ones? Ermm

I think, I need to prepare mentally for those negatiVe words.

P/s: entry merapu before going to bed. Tergantung!

Thanks people.


niknur syamimi said...

xcrita pn :( or is it me who did it?
If so, Im sorry:(

nadiahs said...

Nik sayang!
Not you la! hahaha
Silly me yang overreact!
adeh, malu la saya!

UmiaQ said...

maybe the negative words spoken by somebody demands us to b more 'husnudzon'..? erk :)

nadiahs said...

To be more husnudzon? Maksudnya cam ne tu?

UmiaQ said...

ermm..mybe Dia nk ujia ang dgn bad words.. kalau ang husnudzon wlopn it's a bad word.. mybe ang adalah seorang yg baik...
errrkk..*boleh phm kah ayatku ini..?* erk

nadiahs said...

Ummi: ohh! sekarang aku faham! thanks sebab terangkan. mungkin laa :)
aku kan cam cepat naik angin. hehe