Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tidak sekuat itu.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!
Tonight I had a long conversation with my beloved housemates.
Hana, Jihah and Yein.
It all started with our house meeting. After we are done with the meeting, kami melepak sekejap.
Do girls stuff.
And then, keluar la luahan perasaan.
About what? Biarlah rahsia.
We talked about it. And after all the conversation, I realised, I might not be able to be like my friend who could handle her situation very well. If it was me, I'd cry day and night. Called my Mak or siblings. But she kept it all by herself. I was and still is very impressed with her. My friends said, Allah only test people who He is sure can handle the pain, so on and so forth. See, how Allah puts His trust on us? And they also mentioned that we'll never know how to handle certain situations until we experience it. Yeah, they were right. And I really hope, when the time comes for me to feel the 'burden' or responsibility, I could do it wholeheartedly. InsyaAllah.

And I pray that Allah make ease for everything that we will go through.
Ameen. :-)

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