Friday, March 25, 2011

pengalaman indah 2.

assalammualaikum and hi people!
this evening i would like to continue my 'pengalaman indah' series. :)
it happened last winter which happened to be my first winter here.
i spent my winter holidays in Manchester for FUiYO.
bet you guys still remember the entry.
this entry isn't the continuation or anything.
this is a totally different story.
it's about my first meeting with Nurul Syuhadah Hasnan, here, in the UK.
i never thought i would be able to meet her as she attended a different programme.
PMS, Ummi my dear friend went there too and i did kirim something to be given to budak kecik tu! 
mana tahu kan, Allah pertemukan kami di bumi Manchester.

as usual, we know each other's whereabouts.
almost everyday message. :)
and when she ask me whether im still in Manchester, pelik la kan.
turned out to be yang her gang also want to stop by Manchester before they headed to other places.
yang tak syoknya, on the day she arrived, was the day i departed from Manchester.
i was really hoping she would arrive early so we could meet.
and she did messaged me when they departed from Sheffield, if i was not mistaken. 
and i excitedly, waiting for her arrival message.
and oh ye, for your info, i was having flu and a lil bit of fever during that time. 

when she said she arrived, oh mak aiii~
excitednya aku! haha!!! ;)
but they all nak gerak ke Old Trafford pagi tu, and my gang planned to lepak around the book-stores.
makanya, i decided that we should at least meet for 5 minutes before she goes to Old Trafford kan~
terhegeh-hegeh laa aku ajak Pia, Hana and Wawa keluar untuk lepak ke kedai buku.
and of course, my dearies knew that i was going to meet Nurul Syuhadah. :)
kiteorang message je all the way nak jumpa tu, bajet nak cakap la jumpa kat mana etc etc.
rupa-rupanya, rumah yang Nurul Syuhadah stayed to near to MoonLight (betul ke eja ni?)
pusing ke kiri, tadaaaaaaaaaa!!!

i saw her.
i saw cici.
i saw Nurul Syuhadah.
okay and all of a sudden....
lari-lari, pergi peluk dia.
i crieddddddddddd~~
air mata bercucuran~
terharu jumpa dia kat sini, bumi UK.
yeah, we've always talked on how we're going to meet when we are here.(zaman IPKB and INTEC)
Alhamdulillah, jumpa jugaaa~
payah tau nak jumpakan?
so sebab itulah, saya menangis.
and she cried too (most probably, sebab i cried) 
sorry ci!
and guess what!
the drama happened kat tepi tong sampah! @_@
pathetic laaaaa~
and then, snapped pictures. 
nantikan gambar hidung mata merah! ;)

as she was rushing to go to Old Trafford with her gang, we only managed to lepak at one book store.
sekejap jaa rasa.
tak syok woooo~
but redha la.
i walked her home and met her friends.
and before she departed, i hugged her again.
felt proud that both of us managed to be here at last. :)

cici aka Nurul Syuhadah. :)



tu tong sampah bersejarah tu. @_@
so yeah.
this was and still is my pengalaman indah.
meeting my bestest friend.
no words could actually describe the feeling maaa~
faham-faham saja la~ 

pesanan buat semua sahabat-sahabat:

‘Teman yang paling baik adalah apabila kamu melihat wajahnya, kamu teringat akan Allah, mendengar kata-katanya menambahkan ilmu agama, melihat gerak-gerinya teringat mati..’
insyaAllah ya? :)


~SI HETAM~ said...

pengalaman indah 3 nanti, crite psal brtemu dgan budak brname ijan pulak taw..hehe

nadiahs said...

bile ek akak jumpe ijan?
haha :p