Thursday, March 24, 2011

dikir barat.

assalammualaikum and hi people!
tonight im going to write about my current activity.
dikir barat!
as ive mentioned before, for Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011, ill be performing dikir barat with my sweethearts.
we've started practising ermmm, i can't even remember when.
but the practise make my schedule pack! :)
sunday to thursday.
8.00pm until 11.00pm.

and bear in mind, our journey is not as sweet as sugar and not as easy as ABC.
zaman dahulu kala, there were only a few people seemed interested with dikir barat.
and we almost lose hope as we thought there would be no vocalist, no instrument people.
tak kan la nak awok-awok jaa menyanyi macam orang gila kan?
luckily, there were 'angels' who were willing to join the team! :)
we managed to find our singers and instrument people. :)
sangat happy okay?
and thus, our practise started!
i was excited to learn all the steps and to sing along.

as time goes by, we improved so much and i sometimes feels kinda bored going to practise.
i bet, im not the only one right? :p
but, going to dikir barat could make me happy.
there were times when i felt down and lost.
with the burdens on my shoulder, responsibilities and not to forget : ASSIGNMENT~
but once i sat on my place and started clapping my hand and following the rhythm, all of my problems fade away for a while.
and my sweethearts help me too with their jokes and stories.
not to say, dikir barat penghilang masalah yang hebat, but practising with them gives me more spirit? :)
and yeah, i love dikir so very much! 
dont know how will i spend my time after MFEST nanti? 

i will surely miss my sweethearts' actions and behaviours.
lari sana lari sini.
menari-nari during break.
terjah refreshment macam tak pernah jumpa makanan.
ajuk usop hantu kak limah~ :)
tengok video youtube yang pelik-pelik.
tunggu judge bagi bintang and komen. 

gamba tak lengkap. ada yang not in the pic.
my sweethearts.

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