Monday, March 14, 2011


assalammualaikum people!
i promised for updates, but failed to do so!
not because i'm lazy or whatsoever.
it's because of my internet connection prob!
bersabarlah wahai hati.
for four days, i suffered.
not because i access my facebook or twitter account.
at this time around, i have to face with a few important works!
merempat ke laptop kawan and pinjam!

and today, after my elective class, i went to the ICT room and asked for help~
i stayed there for 2 hours!
memang bestlah!

but Alhamdulillah!
semuanya selesai.

harap-harap tak ada masalah lagi la~ 

1 comment:

~SI HETAM~ said...

chaiyok2!!rajinkan update..hehe...