Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011.

assalammualaikum and hai people!
as i've mentioned earlier, i'll be writing about the events that i'll be handling/attending.

and i choose to write the one happening soon.

it's MARJON Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011!
it will be held on the 31st of March.
and the event starts at 1o am until 2 pm.

what do we have to offer during this event?
Malaysians MARJON will :

- set up booth that will take you on a journey to Malaysia. They will tell you stories and legends. There will also be booth on henna painting if i wasn't mistaken :)
- have cooking demonstartion (i think). so, there'll be lots of Malaysian food during that day. and bear in mind that Malaysians MARJON are good cooks! it's finger licking good man! 
- have a showcase of Malaysian Traditional Games, it sure sounds interesting~ you can try out the games once they explained and demonstrate them to you. 
- perform amazing dances ranges from Malay to Borneo dance. There'll be dikir barat too *wink*wink* i'm in it~ ;) tu yang higlight gak tu~

there are lots more, but i can't remember them.
my bad, sorry~

we intend to promote Malaysia during this event to the locals of Plymouth.

we would like them to get a glimpse of Malaysian life.
those activities are interesting aite?

but no pain, no gain people!
we work hard to make this event a successful one.

hopefully, it will go on smoothly on the day! :)

by the way,
i'm in the Promotion Division!
promote merata-rata!!

may I have the strength and sincerity to do all the works given (not on this event saja, on other events too)

one event done! (more to come)
can't wait for 312st of march 2011~

till then.

p/s: i'm in the middle of doing assignment!
bad Nad!!!

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