Tuesday, March 29, 2011


assalammualaikum and hi people.
im going to write about the things that happened to me TODAY.
29th of March 2011. :)
it was my last day of SBE at westlands school.
there was not much to do except for distributing questionnaire and doing a presentation on my beloved country.
but, yesterday, i was shocked to heard that my SBE partner was admitted to hospital.
by the way, my partner is May.
she faced some problems and as it was getting worst, she was admitted to Derriford sepital.
and she told me during the full dress rehearsal for MFEST.
at first, i was very worried.

worried about her condition.
ye la kan, we are now away from our family.
jauh + sakit + sedih = not good laaa!

worried about doing the presentation.
as mentioned before, i have stage fright.

makanya, i spent the night before thinking about the presentation.
cesh =.='
and today, everything went well!
i managed to present in one class only.
they kids were so talkative and active.
they asked lots of questions.
and i enjoyed answering each and every one of them.

  • do you have snow over there?
  • can you show us your money?
  • why are you wearing that? (pointing at my tudung)
  • do you miss your home?

alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.
thank you Allah.
thank you to those who motivates me yesterday! ;)

as May was not well, some of us planned to give her a visit after we finished our SBE.
after praying and changing clothes, off we went to Derriford sepital.
rombongan berjalan kaki to visit May.
there were seven of us.
once we arrived there, adalah berlangsung aktiviti-aktiviti comel.
and after that, we asked the lady at the reception for May's ward.
the hospital looked small, but dalamnya, besar + panjang! :)
she was in Tavy Ward.
her section, G5 was situated at the left end of the ward.
there were 5 beds and she was the only young lady over there.
the others semuanya nenek-nenek belaka.
so, we chatted with May and asked about her condition.
she is getting better.
hopefully, eloklah nanti.
and the nurse said she could be discharge today!
happy tak? :)
when May was busy packing, some of us were 'distracted' by one of the nenek's voice.
she kinda whined: 'it hurts, hurt'
we turned around and saw the old lady.
being extremely friendly, 4 of us went and have a chat with the old lady.
her name is Eidie (that was written on her sheets of examining paper)
she mumbled and mumbled.
i don't really understand her, but Aisyah, gave her fullest attention Eidie.
she talked about a mysterious man named Peter, whom we don't know. (she did not tell us who he was)
Eidie said, she misses him. :'(
and she wont see him again.
Aisyah terus saja melayan nenek itu.
Nik talked to the other nenek beside Eidie. 
her name is Kathleen, she was the only one who could speak clearly.
she has grandsons in Oman, Nik talked to her most of the time.
Ayein and i moved to another nenek as we could her looking at us with the-i-want-somebody-to-talk-to-me-too look.
how could we ever ignore that look?
berborak-borak and she wished us good luck.
she said to Ayein and i:
'if i never have the chance to meet you again, i wish you all the best!'
dengar dia cakap macam tu, i felt touched sudah.
sangat sweet kot, to get it from the people that we met for the first time, and we know that they will never see us again. 
their looks were sincere.
each and every one of them.
and as we said goodbye to them, i felt relieved, because today, we cheered them up at times they were having difficulty to walk, to talk or even to move.
Thank you Allah for giving us the opportunity to experience this precious moments.
one of the neneks tulis kat nik's palm. comel kan?

tengok, entry ini jadi emo!
so, sementara kita semua sihat-sihat ini, be good to others.
you'll never know, you can brighten up one's life with your smile.
and your smile can make others smile too.
and give them hope. :)

until then people!
daaaa~ :)


usna comey said...

d song is soooo in with dz entry

nadiahs said...

oh yeke husna comel?
thanks! :) hehe~