Thursday, November 10, 2011

Of Stage Fright.

Assalammualaikum and Hi people!

Rindunya kat blog. :-)
Just finished my CLT presentation. Phewwww.
Lega yang teramat.
It went well, but we (Safwan and I) missed a very important aspect . :-\  silly us.
But luckily, there's our saviour, Encik Michael yang berdedikasi yang tolong topup our missing point.
Please, don't deduct our marks yaa?

Oh yeah, concerning the title.
Stage fright.
Me, I have stage fright.
Or that's what I always think.
Everytime, before presentations or speech or anything, I'll have this hyperbole feeling of nervous and stressed.
Afraid that I wouldn't be able to deliver my points and explain it to my friends.
Had this kind of feelings for as long as I can remember.

My sahabat baik said this: 'Dah tiga tahun kami kenal hampa Nad, cakap saja nervous la apa la, tapi nanti kat depan cakap laju macam train'
(ayat diubah ikut bahasa aku) heeee.
See, maybe it is just my halucination or imagination.
Or exaggeration?
Have to improve my self-confidence in this aspect.
Phewwww. Or else I'll have sleepless night before my presentation.
Please, bear that in mind, yeah? :-)
But, seeing this positively, being nervous and all might trigger us to prepare thoroughly before the presentation.
We'll tend to study the subject, make short notes etc.
Well, everything has its positive and negative side.
It is up to us how to face this matter.

Thank you sahabat-sahabat sebab sudi dengar rungutan nervous saya di kala presentation menjelang.
Sayang lebih laa! :-D

P/s: my feelings after presentation - refer to the pic below.
Satisfied, relieved.
Just like fireworks.


~A journey 2 Remember~ said...

haha..tats normal Nad to feel a lil bit nervous..everyone does feel it sikit or byk but depends on how we control ourself..congratz u did well I guess :)

nadiahs said...

Weeee~ yeahh! normal! like it. :)
haa, masalah nak control tu susah tu!
Thanks Shari~
errr, well kot rasanya.