Saturday, August 21, 2010

pre-departure briefing.

the time has come!
for us, the TESLians and PPC students to gather and have a session with our sponsor KPM before we fly fly fly fly~
this also means, we all passed our exams! (flying colours ke tak ek? hehe)
basically, we'll be having talks from KPM officers, bank officer and sapa lagi ek? tak ingat. hehe.
it will be a boring day kot.
the bright side is, i will meet my bestie Nurul Syuhadah yang comel.
OMG-dah-2 tahun-tak jumpa-excited-nak-mati!
and of course my beloved classmates MARJON yang comel-comel belaka.
we'll get our visa too nanti.
and tomorrow, i'll head to my brother's house. :)
as usual la kan~
hopefully semuanya goes well.

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