Wednesday, August 4, 2010


do you know beauty and the beast?

looks familiar? heeeee~

an avid reader of english novel?
not me.
i am reading two novels for the time being tapi asyik distracted je dek laptop, television and my anak buah. hehe.
i dont even know the novel 'beastly' exist until i stumbled across the trailer for the novel-turn-film 'beastly' at youtube.
(thanx to my expertise surf website) muahahhaha! :p
terukkan saya?
this is actually a modern-day version of beauty and the beast.
so sweet kan?
well, you know how the story goes aite?
cant wait to watch the movie, supposedly it's already released but needed to be postponed coz tamau clash dengan charlie st. cloud's
reasonnya coz ada itu zac efron.
tamau fan vanessa hudgens and zac efron dilemma?
tak logik la.
whatever it is, the exact date would be 18th march 2011!!
charlie st. cloud also looks nice.
banyaknya movie nak tengok.
but first.
i want to look for the novel 'beastly'.
harap-harap still kat kedai buku.
guess i'll have plenty of time to read the novel (if i ever find it) before the movie is released!

the novel.

the trailer.

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