Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ingat. :)

hey you people.
it is so nice to have your old friend who doesn't contact you for such a long time, then suddenly je hantar message.
kan seronok?
i mean that friend is not the bestest friend whatsoever but we always chat laa.
secara tiba-tiba sahaja.
dan this friend said sorry coz lama tak contact.
so sweet~
kawan macam ni la yang sayang.
we managed to chat for a while.
sangat best.
last time, waktu masing-masing tak busy, we can chat for hours.
talking craps.
but now, faham-faham la kan?
but of course, we do remember each other.
i really hope this friend of mine can go through everything that this friend faces now. (ayat macam ngeng)
you can do it.
cepat-cepat balik ye?


steamira said...

sape2?? tau je sape.hee kwn knl mse kt ssp kew? hee.

nadiahs said...

sape wei kat ssp?
erk erk.