Monday, August 9, 2010

patt hup bus. :)

eyp people!
ive settled my GRADS application.
what is GRADS?
please check here.
basically i apply it to get free 10kg luggage.
so do my other marjon 2 friends.
this means we could bring extra stuff.
harap-harap semuanya okay.

and and i closed my bank rakyat account.
dont ask me why.

oh the title of the post.
patt hup bus.
it's been years/months since i last rode on a bus. (tak ingat la hehe)
and i didnt know the fare already. (obviously la kan?)
but i took this opportunity to naik bas from melaka sentral straight to my home after i've finished with my business. (aiceh bisnes konon! pos surat je kot!)
but before that, i spent $$ in tesco.
got a new novel (again) and a selendang (again).
melaka sentral is so packed with people now.
i lingered around melaka sentral before taking bus no 51 to kem terendak to head home.
so excited mahu naik bas.
hahah. and the pak cik also baik.
the fare is RM 1.50 now.
mahal sungguh.
last time when i was in secondary school, the fare was only 50 cents tau.
but okay la, ada aircond and it looks like the bus is very clean.
no sampah rubbish etc etc.
it just felt so good la naik bas.
i dont know.
seronok la.
can see many people.
different races, religions.
their clothes.

it makes me wonder:
pak cik ni kerja lagi ke?
kenapa pakai macam tu?
what is wrong with that guy?
lebih kurang gitu la.
get what i mean aite?
and oh ye, one pak cik tegur saya.
  • dari mana dik?
terkejut juga kan, lama tak kena tegur all of a sudden.
i answered la.
  • dari tesco pak cik, nak balik rumah ni.
it turns out yang pak cik itu ingat i was from somewhere else going to i-dont-know-where.
and while he was talking to me, other people kept looking at me and the pak cik.
eh, salah ek saya bercakap dengan pak cik tu?
ish people people.

nevertheless, i arrived home safe and sound.
of course la kan.
and it would be an unforgettable memory arr.
(cet! memori naik bas je pun)
bilalah lagi i will get the chance to ride a bus lagi kan?
hidup bas patt hup!!!

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