Wednesday, September 15, 2010


krek krek krek.
bunyi cengkerik memenuhi blog ini~
sebab Nad malas nak update.
when was the last time i updated my blog?
tak ingat jua.
whatever it is, today is already 16th september.
6 syawal.
1 more day left before i depart.

my last days here in malacca were terrific!
i had a blast eid with family and friends.
and i realize how much they love + care for me.
terharu i tau~

so, ill be off to my brother's house this morning, approximately; 10+++ am.

updates for photos?
updates for new stories?
later too!

till then~

1 comment:

mra_mj said...

nad, if u can, tell me when will u'l be going to klia k? text me n mira. huhu.. petang2 tu ak teman kau da ke. ok gak. sbb mlm tu kau mesti bz sket2 an... lgpn ktorg nek lrt so balek kul 10 gtu la kot.huhu..k dear?