Monday, September 6, 2010

jalan tengkera.

on 6th september 2010, i had a blast breaking fast session with my MGSS friends/konco/babes.
oh my~
sangat seronok la hangout with them
them consist of fatin, hadith, nik, kak aisyah, anisah, izzati and of course, me.
this idea was proposed by cik fatin kita and was agreed by everybody.
so we find the date and fix the time la.
this was like so perfect.
i missed hanging out with them.
i think, we never did this for years. (the hanging out)
usually, i went out with fatin.
tapi this time, ajak ramai-ramai.
and we planned to go jalan raya too~
suka suka.
this would be the last time ill be meeting them this year.

heart them very much.
enjoy the pics.

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