Friday, May 28, 2010

oh bulan!

hey people!
it's a full moon tonight and i am happy but sad.
both at the same time.
so many things happens to me these few days.
in fact WEEKS~ MONTHS~
it's our last few days here in IPGKKB.
we're quite busy actually.
handling stuff, forms for marjon.
health declaration which means medical check up for all of us.
borang keselamatan yang OMG payah-gila-nak-mati-nak-isi.
that's our life baby for the past two weeks.

some of my friends already had this jiwang feeling of sadness.
sedih nak tinggalkan maktab bla bla bla.
at first.
i didnt feel anything.
no sad feeling.
no touching-touching moments.
no whatsoever.
i dunno why.
i'm not that heartless the last time i've checked.
things happen.
i remember some important events.
i remember my friends.

i remember this.
all the small things they (marjon 2 people) do or say suddenly touched my heart.
even the most silly words uttered by them
yeah i admit.
i will miss the voices and their faces.

i think of this.
what will ever happen to my other friends in IPGKKB?
although i didnt know many people, but i do treasure them.

the acts from lecturers yang sayang kami macam nak mati.
they scold us.
they advise us.
they monitor us.
they treat us with food etc etc.
they actually do love us.

there will be people that i will miss a lot.
my buddy.
my bestie.

that is when i started to think back bout my feelings.
that is when i realise that i am happy but sad.

p/s: i love you moon.
you shine brightly.
you lighten up my night.
how i wish.....


nur shuhada binti miskin said...

nad...jgn sedih2..insyaAllah kita jumpa lagi nnt...ak lg sedih, i cant imagine my life wthout u all by the time u go 4 ur BTN..huhuh...sorg2...

n insyaAllah, kalau x jmpa di dunia, kita bakal bertemu di syurga, InsyaAllah...amiinn...

nadiahs said...

this is wat makes me love u more.

tk pe tk pe.
ko takkn sunyi.
secretariat teman ko.

nnt kite jumpe lg!