Thursday, July 8, 2010

tv series.

this holidays made me into a tv addict?
eh yeke?
not really.
but i watch a lot of tv series.
and movies.
and mtvs.
shoot why must they replace channel v with fox?
tak best pun fox.

okay back to the title.
tv series aite?
actually i planned to do a lot of internet surfing, hanging out blah blah for the holidays.
instead, i ended up watching tv.
nice seyh.
i watch almost every series of axn and star world.
now im addicted laa.
there's csi.
then then ada the guardian.
army wives pun aku tengok like OMG!
then how i met you mother.
glee pulak.
not to forget leverage.
cougar town, desperate housewives.
okay sila stop sekarang.
ulangan pun tak apa.
sume aku bantai.
kalau asyik tengok tu je.
bila nak tengok japanese series online??
start thinking nad.
and think hard!!


steamira said...

hahaha siyesly~ sme je cm aku~ haha

nadiahs said...

nak wat cm ne..
mase terluang banyak..