Monday, July 19, 2010


next week will be a busy week for me.
it starts this saturday, okay itu ialah this week.
we'll be having kenduri.
then at night, all of us (family la) will go and eat ikan bakar kot.
i'm not too sure bout that one. hehe.
i need to go to kL to settle my visa application + letter of good conduct along with my lecturers and marjon 2.
erm. it will take 2 days kot.
after that.
i wont be coming back to melaka.
instead i will lepak di sumthing sumthing i cant remember the name because kak imah ada meeting di sana.
sampai friday her meeting.
after itu.
celebrate mak's birthday!!
that 30th july, we'll head to Kedah.
my next destination for holidays~
pack tapi best.

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