Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dia yang aku sayang.

assalammualaikum people!
hey ya!
i am better today!

berkat nasihat-nasihat orang yang saya sayang dan juga hasil berjalan-jalan di city. ;)

actually, i do not have the attention to update my blog tonight.
i was doing my work sikit when one notification from my roomate, FARAH WAHIDAH, muncul kat fb.
she shared a link on my wall.
ingatkan apa lah, it turns out to be a song by david archuleta - elevator.
okay fine, i din know the song pun, first time dengar.
but yang pealing best is, farah said, when she hears the song, she remembers me.
okaaayyyy~  i am so touched.

click click biar besar!

think of me?
think of me!!
tak kisahlah dia saja-saja je ke (which i know tak mungkin)
i still find it sangat sweet.
(saya senang touching-touching sejak kebelakangan ni)

farah and i were not best friends.
itu, yang purple. :)
she was and still is my roomate (although we live in a different house now :p )
lain wooooo levelnya! 

she has her gang, i have my gang.
but in the end, after all the fightings, lepakings, shopping, cuci mata, we'll be in our room.
AD 5.
lima. 5. itu AD 5.

yeah, tak ke mananya pun kami ni.
and during that time, we'll exchange stories.
gelak-gelak ketawa, gaduh banyak kali!
and to her, i tell my problems.
orang pertama i'll ask for advice. (technically, because she was just behind me)
oh ye, she was the one yang always teman saya ke toilet kul 2 a.m.
i won't forget that dear, kenangan tu!
and there was this time, i was so pissed off dengan dia sebab pinjam tudung berzaman gila, tak pulang-pulang.
haha! she did return it in the end, but the replacement la, as the ori one memang dah termaktub to be hers. :)
i think, she brings the tudung here.

and betullah, this song reminds me of us, during IPKB times.
sekarang bila nak rasa begini?
rasa jauhhhhhh walau dekat.

extracts from the lyrics.

Next time I'll get it right
Next time I'll be okay
I'll have a different dream tonight
Tomorrow's another day

Elevator goes up
Elevator come down
And you just go with the flow
Until your feet are back on the ground
It's an endless ride
Sometimes it takes you up
Sometimes it tears you down inside
But it's the butterflies
That keep you feeling so alive, so alive
You gotta get back that high

You'll never know
What you're gonna get
What you don't expect will come and find you
If you laugh or cry
If you run and hide
But it's all right

sila layan this song ye?
mana tahu, it will remind you to somebody jugak~ ;)

si cantik dan lori. :)
you know i love you right?


farah said...

alahai..giler manis nad..ak xtau pon ko tulis pasal ak..thanks..xde org lg penah tulis psal ak dekat mane2 tempat..i hope ive been a great rumate to u..sorry for everything..bile ingt bru tau byk sangat flaws ak dlu..but truly..thanks sgt2 for everything :)

iNSan biASa said...

woow!! aku lak yang touching,,, that what a friend is.. touching mouchinGGgg each other.. i like!!!!!!

nadiahs said...

farah: no biggie la syg~ hahha lek2 sudah!

ayein: aiceh! tacing2 tu yg penting!haha pe lg, tulis la pasal niK!