Sunday, June 6, 2010


it's been more than a week since i've last wrote.
luckily tak berhabuk lagi.

what did i do?
Lambaian Kasih.

what's tat?
biro tatanegara durh.
we went there from 31may to 4june.
basically it's a camp where students o government servants are exposed to federal constitution.
malaysia's constitution.
our constitution.
im grateful as im one of the lucky ones to be there.
together with my fellow marjon 2 and peeps from gaya and ipoh, we learnt a lot about our country.
we learnt to love malaysia more.
and i dare say that i am a patriotic person noW! <---- perasan je lebih.

Lambaian Kasih?
an event where all marjon 2 parents come and have sessions with lecturers and bpg n marjon people regarding this programme.
however, mak din manage to come though.
i felt sad but okay la.
i managed to get some things for the talk.

did i tell u that im still in maktab?
i stayed back with a few of my friends to aid our lecturers regarding pre departure matters.
and oh yeah.
i heard some bad news this evening.
how im scared and not ready to face it.
darn nadiah!
u should know urself better babe!!

for now.
i could only hope for miracles.

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