Thursday, April 15, 2010

to kill a mockingbird.

poster of the movie.

never thought that i would write an entry bout this.
did one a few days back.
but that was about the novel.
this one is the movie.
a 1962 black and white movie.
&& it didn't disappoint me at all.
one of the best educational movies I've ever watched.
call me lame 'cause people had been watching it million years ago.
tapi ape saya kisah.
i watched it after falling in love with the novel.
thank God the movie was brilliant too!

the storyline was great.
the dialogues was from the novel itself.
the actors & actresses were great too.
one flaw: it should make a complete version.
they left the important scenes.
no aunt alexandra.
no miss caroline.
no church scene.
that were some of the crucial ingredients of the novel.
the movie made me cry.
twice pula!

kudos harper lee !
(ayat dlm conclusion ES)

so marilah ramai-ramai kita menonton to kill a mockingbird.
i forgot to mention that i heart atticus finch !

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